Mafia: Definitive Edition hints at Mafia 4 being set in LA & Cuba

One of the best additions to Mafia: Definitive Edition is the numerous collectibles scattered around Lost Heaven and the countryside. One group of these, the cigarette cards, allows players to collect playing cards of the famous figures of the Mafia franchise.

Included on these cards are well-known characters like Tommy Angelo, Paulie, Sam, Frank Vinci, Carlo Falcone and more. However, two of the cards you can find include characters and locations never before seen in the Mafia franchise.

The cards feature Louie Romeo from Los Ondas and Fredo Clemente from Havana. Louie’s card reads;

Gambling Dens. High Society. Hollywood. Prime targets for the Mob. Ten years ago the families on the East Coast needed eyes in the west and since then Louie Romeo has overseen it all. He commands the unions, launders the money and blackmails studio bosses – and he does so in plain sight with a leading lady on each arm. Look behind the smiles on the red carpet and you can see the fear.

Mafia 4 – Los Angeles

Fredo’s card reads;

A short moustachioed figure stands amidst the palm trees of Cuba. Out of place, yet in command. He is the owener of Havana’s glamorours Orinetal Park race track – and the primary supplier of bootleg rum to the Unites States. Fredo Clemente, brother of Empire Bay mobster Alberto, may despise the hear and humidity on these shores – but he is satisfied by the knowledge that on this island his is untouchable.

Fredo’s card may simply be a reference to The Godfather II, given the character’s name, ties to Empire Bay mobsters and location. But Louie Romeo is a far more interesting and likely prospect for a character to appear in Mafia 4.

All three previous Mafia titles have taken place on the East Coast of the US (Chicago, New York and New Orleans) so moving the franchise to the West Coast would make sense. There aren’t many cities left on the East Coast to use as inspiration for a fictional one in the Mafia universe. LA though, is ripe for use in Mafia and works really well, as seen in LA Noir.

Something else that’s interesting about Fredo and Louie’s cards are that they’re placed in between those from Empire Bay and those from New Bourdeaux, suggesting that if Mafia 4 is indeed being hinted at and is going to be set in Los Ondas, it’s also likely to be a prequel to Mafia III and take place some time between 1951 and 1968. Remember, there’s a 17-year gap between Mafia II and Mafia II and only seven years separate the end of Mafia and the beginning of Mafia II (not including the epilogue).

Seeing Mafia’s version of Hollywood and the West Coast sounds great and whether or not Cuba is included, it seems pretty clear that Hangar 13 has plans in mind for the future of the franchise.

Mafia: Definitive Edition is now available.

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