How to access bonus missions in Mafia: Definitive Edition

After you’ve completed the campaign and get into some free-roaming in Mafia: Definitive Edition, you might be wondering what there is for you to do. You can hunt for collectibles or just explore, but there are some extra bonus missions for you to sink your teeth into.

You’ll find these missions by investigating a series of notes located at Salieri’s Bar. The notes appear in Free Play. Head to the bar and look for the first note on the Pool Table. Others can be found near the staircase, in the bar, in the mob meeting room (both upstairs and downstairs) and in Salieri’s office.

Like the Postcards, these notes have cryptic messages that direct you to find payphones within Lost Heaven. If you find the right location, the phone will be ringing and you can begin your mission.

Mafia: Definitive Edition Bonus Missions

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The notes and phone calls come from a character named Herbert Baskerville. Most missions require you to drive from point A to B within a time-limit or without hitting anything or passing through checkpoints. The missions vary in difficulty though some are maddeningly difficult and I highly recommend playing on easy mode with regular driving unless you’re a masochist.

The rewards for completing these bonus missions include vehicles, weapons and costumes. By completing all of the bonus missions you unlock the Herbert Baskerville costume which puts you in a suit and gives you the head of a German Shepherd dog.

All up, there are 12 bonus missions spread all over Lost Heaven. The very first mission will unlock the Crazy Horse car. After that, you can play the missions in any order you like, except Curse of the Baskervilles which is last. The 12 missions are;

  • The Crazy Horse – Unlock Crazy Horse
  • Moderate Velocity – Unlock Mechanic Costume
  • Professional Protection – Unlock Gold Tommy Gun
  • Dock Block – Unlock Gold Revolver
  • Electric Trick Track – Unlock Mutagen
  • Alien Infiltration – Unlock Alien Costume
  • Betty – Unlock Smith Moray
  • Pennies From Hell – Unlock Clown Costume
  • Explosive Situation – Unlock Boxer Costume
  • The Old Switcheroo – Unlock Brubaker
  • Mister Fancy Bike – Unlock Waybar
  • Curse of the Baskervilles – Unlock Herbert Baskerville Costume
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Mafia: Definitive Edition is available now.

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