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Many young people are addicted to games, and it is no surprise, as games are a great means of entertainment, and they also help you relax when you feel too stressed and tired. Students constantly play games before and after classes delegating their tasks to paper writing help online, which is a nice way to reduce your workload and receive some free time for your favourite things and activities.

If you are watching the last game releases, you will be interested to know what to expect this autumn. In this article, we will observe top games that developers have prepared for you this season. 

September Game Releases:

1. Initial Drift

In September, you can expect a new Nintendo game heading out. As developers promise, it’s going to be a whole new level of racing experience, challenge, and accessibility with great drift mechanics and an original handling model. You can play either alone or with your friend, but check college paper writing service reviews first to pick a reliable helper with homework. The game has twenty complex tracks and sixteen unique cars for your best race. It is intuitive for beginners and quite challenging for professional players

2. Spelunky 2

This one is on September 15: it is the second part of one of the best modern swindler-like games that have been quite long-awaited by fans. It features a 2D platform, fresh characters, a new level of smart enemies, a bigger and more dynamic world, deadly traps, and challenges. You can either explore the game on your own or ask a friend to join online, building a community;

3. Mafia: Definitive Edition

At the end of this month (September 25), you can finally enjoy the last version of the popular game, loved by so many people . It is based on the real-life of Chicago and is a great, emotionally captivating narrative. Developers have been mostly focused on shooting and driving, trying to show how it differs from previous releases.

October Game Releases:

1. FIFA 21

The game is coming on October 9 on a new platform EA Play, that lets you access all the latest titles. You can enjoy a new lightning system, fast load timing, new realistic player bodies, and enhanced animation. You can already pre-order the game and be among the first players to try it, but don’t forget to do your homework first and have a look at speedy paper reviews if you want to save some time for gaming;

2. Transformers Battlegrounds

On October 23, there is a brand-new version of the famous game coming, and in this one, you will be surprised with classic fights, constant battles, and you will be trying to win in this endless war. It is the epic story for the new generation. Just like you read some essay writing service reviews, check some reviews of this game to know all the nuances of the gameplay before trying it;

3. Watch Dogs Legion

The game is going to be finally released on October 29 and is taking place in London after Brexit. You will have an opportunity to play as anyone from London`s citizens, and all the characters will have permadeath with more risks than ever before. You will have around 60 missions and five storylines that you can share in multiplayer mode with other people. 

November Game Releases:

1. Destiny 2: Beyond Light

On November 10, you can watch the new season of a famous shooter. Here the Guardian’s story continues, and a new power awakens. The game has a new simplified UI, improved content, penalties for players, new subclass, and the Strike playlist;

2. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold Way

Coming on November 13, this is the fifth game belonging to the Black Ops storyline. It is made in the battle royal genre that is a first-person narrative with new realistic settings. It has multiplayer and zombies modes, important historical figures, and superlinear levels;

3. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

On November 17, there comes the next chapter and historical adventure in the Assassin’s Creed series. It has original settlements, historical accuracy, and many other perks that should be tested by fans. With a lot of rumours going on about this game, in a couple of months, we will finally check this out.

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