Penises put a stop to cross-platform sharing in Dirt 5

The humble penis is to blame for players not being able to share their Dirt 5 Playgrounds creations cross-platform, at least according to Codemasters’ Development Director Robert Karp. We recently spoke about Dirt 5’s user-generated content creation tool, Playgrounds, and I broached the subject of cross-platform sharing.

I wondered whether, regardless of platform, would players be able to draw from one big pool of UGC.

Unfortunately, the answer is no.

Karp first explained that with any UGC, moderation and reporting are complex and incredibly important. When cross-platform is thrown into the mix, things get more complex again.

Dirt 5 Playgrounds

While on the subject of moderation and reporting, I asked Karp if the team had put bets on how long after release until someone creates a penis. He laughed and said it was bound to happen within the first hour. However, he then elaborated on the difficulties of creating cross-platform sharing.

A lot of the conversations we’ve had internally when talking about Playgrounds and why we need moderation tools and why we need someone to manage it is because often the¬†conversation comes up about ‘the penis’.

That’s one of the reasons why we couldn’t do all the actual work, which we would have loved to have done for cross-platform, for Playgrounds. We just decided that we didn’t have the time with Dirt 5 because we knew straight away people on Xbox and PlayStation and PC would be making penises left, right and centre

There you have it. Gamers and their phallocentric humour has cost us the ability to share our creations cross-platform.

That didn’t stop me from immediately jumping into Playgrounds and building my very own penis track though.

What can I say? I’m not very mature, plus, penises are pretty funny.

Dirt 5 launches on October 16, 2020.

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