How Many Levels in Battletoads on Xbox One?

After 26 long years, the Battletoads are back. Dlala Studios game is a brilliant reintroduction for the franchise and is a tonne of fun of its own accord. It’s also a maddeningly difficult, frustrating affair that will see some players walk away in disgust.

However, it’s so good, you won’t be able to stay away for long. Even if the reason for your return is to put the game in its place by beating it. The old games in the series were also incredibly difficult but were far shorter and included far less story, dialogue and levels.

Being 2020, Battletoads is bigger in every way. So, you want to know how many levels in Battletoads? Read on and find out.

How Many Levels in Battletoads?

Battletoads is split into four Acts, each with a number of levels. The full list of levels is as follows;

  • Act IToad to Nowhere
    • Feed the Fantasy
    • Menial Jobs
    • To The Queen
    • At the Carn-Evil
    • So That’s How That Works
    • Toadshambo
    • Time for Plan B
  • Act II – Pride and Predjuzitz
    • Toadshambo II: Re-Toaded
    • Stumped
    • A Hard Axe to Follow
    • The Trials of Pummel Horse
    • Mis-Treatied
  • Act III – The Pimple Joys in Life
    • Spacebrawls
    • We Go High
    • Street Justice!
    • Bigger than it Looks
    • Reaching the Peak
    • A Rock and a Hard Place
    • Most Unwanted
    • Emergency Stations!
  • Act IV – A Rash Decision
    • Gut Reaction
    • Show’s Over!
    • Nightmare Riders
    • Dissed Topians
    • The Last Stand

All up, there are 25 levels in Battletoads and it took us nearly eight hours to finish the game on Battletoad difficulty. Battletoad is the most difficult with two lower difficulty options being available. Playing on these lower difficulties grants additional health, the ability to use invincibility and other assists to make the game easier.

There are also collectibles scattered throughout most levels. Five are hidden within each level with an additional one awarded for completing the level in a certain way.

Battletoads is now available for PC and Xbox One.

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