Rainbow Six Siege is switching to a team-wide reinforcement pool and adding a new breaching gadget

As part of the updates and changes coming to Operation Shadow Legacy, teams in Rainbow Six Siege will now have a pool of 10 reinforcements to draw from, rather than each player only have two. This means, players can reinforce more or less than two times without any going to waste.

The total of 10 reinformcents also applies no matter how many players are on the defending team. Even when playing 3v3 or 4v4, the defending team will have 10 reinforcements to use.

Ubisoft’s example of how best this can be put into practise is that anchor Operators don’t need to worry if roamers on their team head out into the level without reinforcing anything. The anchors can take care of it instead.

Rainbow Six Siege

The reinforcement pool goes hand-in-hand with a new secondary gadget; Hard Breach Charge. This gadget, for the attackign team, is like the Breach Charge, except it also works on reinforced surfaces. The Hard Breach Charge opens up a medium sized hole that can be vaulted over or used as cover to fire into a room.

The Hard Breach Charge also activates automatically after the animation is finished. So make sure you move back.

This new gadget gives attacking teams more options without having to rely on a small group of hard breachers. Operators with access to the Hard Breach are;

  • Montagne: – stuns + hard breach charge
  • Fuze: -smokes + hard breach charge
  • Capitao: – stuns + hard breach charge
  • Ying: – claymore + hard breach charge
  • Lion: – claymore + hard breach charge
  • Finka: – stuns + hard breach charge
  • Nokk: – stuns + hard breach charge
  • Amaru: – claymore + hard breach charge

These changes should help keep Siege feeling fresh and keep players on their toes, both on attack and defence.

Operation Shadow Legacy launches soon.

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