Outriders Broadcast #3 airs next week, August 26; reveals fourth playable class

Square Enix and People Can Fly keep moving the Outriders hype-train down the tracks in spite of COVID pretty much ruining everyone’s plans and everyone’s year. The first two broadcasts for Outriders focused on gameplay, UI, cutscenes, the Pyromancer and much more.

This third broadcast, taking place August 26, will reveal the fourth playable class in Outriders as well as focus on co-op, class synergies and more. Fans will get a better look at the Devastator class and the devs will answer burning questions.

While not exactly on at a great time for Aussies, 2 am AEST August 26, we’ll be able to catch up in the morning.


On top of the information already available from previous Broadcasts, we spoke to Creative Director Bartek Kmita and found out some interesting facts about Outriders. We learned that rather than being influences by Destiny or The Division, Outriders has far more in common with games like Diablo and Dungeons & Dragons.

Kmita also told us that players can use their powers far more frequently than in other games, making the shooting and use of powers about 50/50.

Outriders is coming to PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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