Rainbow Six Siege Operation Shadow Legacy Hands-on Preview – Play it Again Sam

Operation Shadow Legacy marks the beginning of Rainbow Six Siege Year 5 Season 3 and the beginning of the new format for the game. Unlike previous content drops, Year 5 Season 3 moves to the Year 6 model; one new operator, a map rework and additional free content.

Operation Shadow Legacy’s new Operators is the attacker Zero or as he’s been known for years, Sam Fisher. That’s right, Splinter Cell’s main man is making his presence felt in Rainbow Six Siege. It’s the first time he’s been playable in nearly 10-years so it’s exciting times for Splinter Cell fans.

Thankfully, more than being a stunt, Zero’s inclusion in Siege actually works really well. I recently got to go hands-on with Operation Shadow Legacy’s content and spend some time in Sam Fisher…er…Zero’s shoes.

Operation Shadow Legacy

A two-speed, two-armour Attacker, Zero is pretty standard for the most part, however, his gadget and weapons make him a pretty unique and useful Operator. Sam Fisher’s iconic (yes, iconic) tri-lens goggles hang from his backpack but they’re the basis for his gadget, the Argus Launcher.

The Argus Launcher is a;

Launcher that deploys cameras which can pierce through breakable and reinforced surfaces to surveil either side and shoot a laser.

The laser is pretty weak and doesn’t deal enough damage to kill anyone but it can be used to destroy gadgets or finish off someone who’s downed. I didn’t really find much use for it during my play session but there will undoubtedly be some great plays that make use of it once Operation Shadow Legacy is out in the wild.

The cameras are the real stars of Zero’s Argus Launcher. Giving attackers two additional viewpoints which can be used by anyone on the attacking team. However, only Zero is able to switch between the two cameras or fire the lasers. In one match, I had placed the Argus Launcher on an external wall on the top floor of the Chalet and had a direct view down a corridor of the enemy team.

I was able to constantly ping the enemy, giving my team a heads-up on their location and allowing us to take them out. The Argus Launcher is pretty loud when it burrows in and it’s not the most inconspicuous but if the defenders don’t know where to look, it’s easy to miss. The power to have a view inside any room is incredible, so when Zero is on the team and is used by a competent player, the Attackers get an incredibly useful tool.

Zero’s weaponry is also pretty unique. Having access to Fisher’s SC3000K, from Splinter Cell, is a nice touch. It’s a decent weapon though it’s quite slow to handle which makes it less useful in a lot of situations. The new optics and colours available (a godsend for me being colourblind) are great, however, there are better assault rifles in the game. Zero can also use the MP7 and has a 5.7 USG sidearm with an integrated suppressor.


Far from being a gimmick, Sam Fisher’s inclusion in Rainbow Six Siege is functional, useful and potentially game-changing. It also shows that Ubisoft is thinking about Splinter Cell and the potential future of that franchise.

Operation Shadow Legacy will launch on the Rainbow Six Siege test server on August 18.

PowerUp! attended a remote hands-on event as a guest of Ubisoft.

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