Celebrate Final Fantasy 14’s Anniversary With A Digital Scrapbook Of Player Memories

To celebrate the seven-year anniversary of Final Fantasy 14, players are being invited to submit their favourite screenshot and receive a high-quality print with commemorative border. Screenshots will also be judged by the team behind the game and the top ten from each region will be part of a special online gallery launching August 27.

Only the first 1000 submitted screenshots will be eligible for printing from each region (within the guidelines) so be sure to head over to the official site here as soon as possible.

Also worth noting that only the following regions are open for this competition: Australia, New Zealand, UK, Ireland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. Entry is already open and will run until Monday, August 24 at 7 pm AEST.

My character is too big for the frame and I love that about him.

As seen above, the commemorative border is pretty dang cute. The competition is open to all players, regardless of which version of the game you are currently running. Which is amazing news for players who have just recently begun their journey with Final Fantasy 14’s robust Free Trial mode.

I personally have only recently started my adventures and will be chronicling the trials and tribulations of that endeavour here if you want to feel less overwhelmed.

Final Fantasy 14 recently hit 20 million registered players, a massive milestone that goes hand in hand with a streamlining of the game’s first campaign A Realm Reborn. Patch 5.3 addressed many players concerns with the early hours of the game being too grindy and has overhauled this content to be more approachable for new players.

You can check out the changes brought with 5.3 here, or read our in-depth chat with the game’s director for all the details.

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