WWE 2K Battlegrounds includes a Story Mode, Challenge Mode and seven original Superstars

Saber Interactive and 2K have today unveiled a new trailer for WWE 2K Battlegrounds. Starring the WWE’s biggest advocate, Paul Heyman, the trailer runs fans through what they can expect from WWE 2K Battlegrounds come September. There’s plenty for players to dive into, including a campaign, challenges and more.

Heyman reveals WWE 2K Battlegrounds’ Campaign Mode as a story told through comic style cutscenes in which he pitches a new brand of WWE to Vince McMahon. This brand becomes Battlegrounds and players can play as one of seven original rookies.

In the Campaign Mode, players will travel the world, searching for new WWE Superstars, unlocking some of the 70 included WWE fighters and earning items and currency.

WWE 2K Battlegrounds

Other modes included in WWE 2K Battlegrounds include the (up to) four player online or shared screen multiplayer Exhibition which features;

  • One-on-One;
  • Tag Team;
  • Triple Threat;
  • Fatal Four Way;
  • Steel Cage Match;
  • Royal Rumble;

King of the Battleground sees eight players fight to be the last one standing.

Battle to become the Last Man (or Woman) Standing as you and up to seven other online players burn it down and try to toss one another out of the ring! The longer you stay in the arena, the higher your score climbs. The second you send someone flying, another Superstar waiting outside the ring enters the fray.

Finally, Battleground Challenge Mode is where players are able to create their own WWE Superstar, battle through 100 challenges and unlock in-game currency, characters, levels and cosmetic items.

WWE 2K Battlegrounds is coming to PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One on September 18, 2020.

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