Monster Crown Finds Massive Success On Steam Early Access

Studio Aurum’s dark take on the monster-collecting RPG genre, Monster Crown, has been received with open arms and wallets during its first 72 hours on Steam Early Access. Since the game launched on the program a couple of days ago, it has surpassed copies sold during its already massively successful 2018 Kickstarter campaign.

The Kickstarter campaign struck a chord with players as the game blew past its initial asking fund of $5,000, going on to hit just over $45,000. The project, which boasts a more mature and darker version of Pokémon‘s general design, shows no signs of slowing down now as players have flocked to the build available on Steam.

Monster Crown sees players take on the customisable hero (or villain) who sets out to conquer Crown Island. Studio Aurum has positioned Monster Crown as an explicitly more adult answer to the cutesy stories that dominate the genre – think violence, swearing, grotesque monsters and so on.

Pair this with story decisions, online battles and trading, and the game’s signature monster combination mechanic and you’ve got something truly exciting hitting the market.

Monster Crown

The game is currently sitting in the Very Positive range of reviews on Steam and at 10% off it’s the perfect time to jump in. The developer has noted that community feedback will be listened to and multiple updates will be made to the game while in Early Access including patches and story content.

Keep an eye on PowerUp! for ongoing coverage of Monster Crown.

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