Maneater is giving all players the Tiger Shark free

Maneater, the SharkPG from Tripwire Interactive, is celebrating Shark Week by gifting all players the Tiger Shark Adaptation. Previously available only to those who pre-ordered the game, the Tiger Shark Adaptation allows players to turn their shark into the “garbage can of the sea.”

When equipped, the Tiger Shark Adaptation gives players extra nutrients when devouring prey in order to help them level up more quickly. It also gives the shark a striped, cosmetic visual.

To access the Tiger Shark Adaptation, players simply need to head to the Epic Games Store, PS Store or Xbox Games Store to download the item.


Once the Tiger Shark Adaptation has been downloaded and installed, players need to head to a Grotto to select the Tiger Shark Adaptation and equip it. John Gibson, CEO of Tripwire said;

Clearly, people are hungry for more, and while it’s too soon to go into great detail, I can promise that you haven’t seen the last of Maneater – our team is working on something extra special to share with fans.

Maneater is available now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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