SuperCoolComs Is Looking To Create A Dialogue Between Developers And Audiences

Games industry veteran Lauran Carter has announced the launch of a brand new social media consultancy company, SuperCoolComs. Utilising her years of experience as a community manager and social media expert, Carter created SuperCoolComs to help companies foster better, more productive relationships with consumers through social media networks.

In a time when the dynamics between consumers and corporations are becoming more and more complicated to manage, Carter’s approach seems to have the right idea in mind. SuperCoolComs mission statement rightfully notes that “successful social media marketing is a conversation rather than a megaphone” and this approach has already drawn the attention of several clients.

Salix Games, the developers behind Dance of Death: Du Lac and Fey, have already joined SuperCoolComs. Salix is run by another industry pro, Jess Saunders, who has previously worked with the likes of Rare and Rocksteady before being awarded a coveted BAFTA. Saunders and Carter are a dream team, both having left larger-scale industry gigs to form an independent business that better suit the type of content they wish to see in the industry.

Carter has also attracted the attention of independent developer Magic Notion, which is run by the ever wonderful drag queen Kitty Powers (aka Richard Franke). Magic Notion is widely known in the UK for its outlandish Kitty Powers game series which was most recently featured in the Steam ‘Summer of Pride’ sale. Much like Saunders, Franke is another important diverse voice in the industry, the kind that SuperCoolComs is looking to highlight.

Rounding out SuperCoolComs’ launch lineup is Liquid Crimson, a full-service creative production studio based in the south of England. Liquid Crimson was founded by EA Europe’s Jason Lord who brought his 25 years of experience to the company. Lord was then joined by Linda Clinker whose experience spans across multiple media industries.

The clientele that Carter has accrued already for SuperCoolComs gives you a fair idea of how the consultancy is positioning itself. Local UK business, run by diverse voices which need a platform in an industry that often borders on homogeneity. It’s an admirable goal that Carter has brought over from her other recent games venture, the developer health first publishing house Modern Wolf.

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