Top 8 Sources for Learning Game Development

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The numerous inventions in today’s technological world have taken gaming to a different level of escapade and entertainment. Gaming, especially video games, is taking the universe by storm. Currently, there are approximately 2.2 billion mobile gamers. This humongous number was obtained for no other primary reason but due to the monumental advancement of multifunctional software systems and game development solutions that gives gaming a more stimulating effect.

With these advancements as the backdrop, being a game developer/developing game in this era could prove simple. There are loads of resources on the Internet for designers to make game development as exciting as playing games itself, and apart from that, you could even hire or check SaaS developers for perfect execution of your idea. 

1. C# Programming – Unity Game Development Certification (Coursera)

This course gives you all that you need for game development using Unity software with C# language. For this course, you are being tutored from scratch; it doesn’t require any programming experience. The lesson specializes explicitly in deciphering the fundamental conception of game development, and then it takes it further by guiding you through developing games using object-based designs.

Additionally, you also get to explore topics familiarized with concepts like adding menus, handling, software tools, etc. and when the program ends, you will be asked to use your acquired knowledge on a project that will test every aspect you were trained on before you are given a completion badge. 

2. Game Design Courses & Classes Online (Digital Defynd)

Recently, the development of stories and characters in games has become evident. They are strong determinants of the ratings games get. If you are not just an avid gamer but a developer willing to learn game development of that pattern, this is just what you need. Join this course to acquire a solid foundation for running codes using essential elements and other tools and components to execute your ideas correctly.

Apart from all the above, you are also opened to digital painting, sketching, designing charters, designing with Stencyl, developing storytelling games, 3D modeling, and many more. 

3. Udemy’s Unreal Engine C++ Game Development Training Course 

This course gives a private tutelage on C++, the standard language for the game industry, from scratch. It also takes you through the designing principles and trains you in applying audio and sound effects. 

Chiefly, you are being taught how to write code quickly, navigate editor, and engine interface to develop mind-blowing landscapes. Concurrently, you get the privilege to practicalize all you have learned through developing video games that will enhance deep implementation and comprehension of what was taught. 

4.  Harvard University’s Computer Science Program on Game and Software Development

This professional game development course has a learning system that helps you develop organically. Firstly, you are introduced to the essential elements. Then, after that, game programming is presented to you.

 In this course, you will not only learn the development of new games but the old ones, i.e., Angry Birds, to see the evolution of game development yourself. Algorithms, security, Web development, data structures resource management, 3D and 2D graphics, sounds and collision, animation, and the use of frameworks such as Lua, Unity, C#, and Love 2D  are all you will have in-depth knowledge on after this course.

5. Game Building and Creation Course by Michigan State University 

This lesson gives you a complete tutorial on the conceptual and non-theoretical/experimental parts of designing games using the Unity 3D framework. 

The course will take you through the different strategies of navigating licensing, business consideration, and marketing. Coupled with that, you are also trained on how to conceptualize your ideas and prototypes. When it’s completed,  you will have the chance to opt for profiles like programmers, producers, game designers, etc.

6.  Courses on Unity Game Engine by Digital Defynd

This is another Unity-based course. Through classes by well-versed lecturers, this program gives you the best ten materials on the Unity framework. It has an avalanche of options, but generally, all developers (novices or experienced) will be introduced to concepts such as animation, C# scripting, data structures programming workflow, designed patterns, and many more. 

7. Lecture Series and Tutorial on Unreal Engine by Digital Defynd

Unreal Engine is one of the most famous suites of combined tools…  Rehearse by developing Pinball and Survival

This training is very known for its proper guidance on the best usage of integrated tools in developing games. The program encompasses eight top-notch courses that are all available on their online platforms. Apart from other general concepts, you will be taught; the eight courses cover how to develop realistic game graphics for a thrilling experience. You are also provided with instructions on the configuration and installation. And to test your ability, you work on projects like pinball and survival. 

8. Complete C# Unity Developer 2D Course (Udemy)

This course is also a Unity-based program. It focuses on building people to develop video games with the use of Unity. It starts with learning simple elements and concepts of development that will aid foundation building before proceeding to the cumbersome ones. Other things you will gain are; learning C# from the beginning, gain experience through testing your ability by developing games such as Glitch garden and Laser Defender and other adventure projects.

Conclusively, those mentioned above are the best of all avenues for learning game development. Take one of these courses to birth that your idea to the gaming world entirely.

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