How Many Missions in Destroy All Humans!?

THQ Nordic and Black Forest Games’ remake of Destroy All Humans! is now available. This remake includes everything from the original with a fresh coat of paint, tonnes more level arcitecture and a bit of a redesign to make it feel more like a game from 2020.

You can read our review to find out what we thought of the game but rest assured, it’s a lot of fun and definitely something for fans to take a look at. In addition to every mission from the original, Destroy All Humans! also includes a special lost mission which was found by the devs when they were working on this release.

There are also additional objectives to complete which help you unlock some skins for Crypto and additional DNA to spend on your upgrades.

Destroy All Humans Missions

All up, there are 23 missions in Destroy All Humans! which take place across six different levels/maps. These levels are; Turnipseed Farm, Rockwell, Santa Modesta, Area 42, Union Town and Capitol City.

The missions are as follows;

  • Mission 1 – Destination Earth | Turnipseed Farm
  • Mission 2 – Earth Women Are Delicious | Rockwell
  • Mission 3 – Citizen Crypto | Rockwell
  • Mission 4 – Alien Pool Party | Santa Modesta
  • Mission 5 – Televisions of Doom | Santa Modesta
  • Mission 6 – Aliens Stole My Brain Stem | Santa Modesta
  • Mission 7 – This Island Suburbia | Santa Modesta
  • Mission 8 – Teenage Zombies from Outer Space | Rockwell
  • Mission 9 – South by Southwest | Santa Modesta
  • Mission 10 – Foreign Correspondent | Santa Modesta
  • Mission 11 – Suburb of the Damned | Santa Modesta
  • Mission 12 – Whatever Happened to Crypto-136 | Area 42
  • Mission 13 – The Mutant Menace | Area 42
  • Mission 14 – The Wrong Stuff | Area 42 (Bonus Lost Mission)
  • Mission 15 – Duck and Cover | Area 42
  • Mission 16 – It’s A Wonderful Armageddon | Santa Modesta
  • Mission 17 – Furon Down | Union Town
  • Mission 18 – Mr Crypto Goes to Capitol City | Capitol City
  • Mission 19 – Armquist vs the Furons | Union Town
  • Mission 20 – The Lone Gunman | Capitol City
  • Mission 21 – The Furon Filibuster | Capitol City
  • Mission 22 – Shocking Developments | Capitol City
  • Mission 23 – Attack of the 50-Foot President | Capitol City

After you complete a mission on each of the levels, you have the option to explore it and roam freely to collect Furon Probes and complete the optional mini-games.

Destroy All Humans! is available now.

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