15 Minutes of Mafia: Definitive Edition show what could be the best mob game ever

Hangar 13 has been hard at work on the ground-up remake of Mafia. Released in 2002, this version completely recreates the original, while using improvements in visual technology, gameplay mechanics and game development techniques to make Mafia: Definitive Edition the best possible version of itself.

Today, 2K and Hangar 13 have released a 15-minute video giving fans a first look at Mafia: Definitive Edition’s gameplay, visual overhaul and presentation. From this 15-minutes alone, I’m ready to call it the greatest mob game of all time.

Watch the video below and judge for yourself.

Mafia: Definitive Edition

There’s so much to take in during this short video but it’s clear, Hangar 13 has done an incredible job of updating the game and bringing it in line with modern gaming conventions. The team at Hangar 13 includes members who worked on the original Mafia as well as others from Mafia II and Mafia III.

The mission shown in the video, A Trip to the Country, is what Hangar 13 calls its “haunted house mission.” Designed to be foreboding, it reflects the franchise’s desire to deliver a story “rich in atmosphere and tone.”

Not only has Hangar 13 improved and modernised the visuals, the combat in Mafia: Defintive Edition is inspired by that found in Mafia III. This video didn’t go into much detail about driving, aside from mentioning the period appropriate vehicles, but I’m hoping the racing mission isn’t as hellish as it was in the original.

Mafia: Definitive Edition is launching for PC, PS4 and Xbox One on September 25, 2020.

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