Warframe’s next update “Heart of Deimos” to be unveiled at TennoCon 2020

While we only have the trailer (see the end of this post) and very limited information to go on, Digital Extremes has announced that the main focus of this year’s TennoCon digital conference will be on Warframe’s next update, titled Heart of Deimos.

The press release specifically mentions that the update will be focused on “forging a blend of the grotesque and the beautiful, the old and the new”; however, given that description is significantly vague, we can only guess what the content will entail, beyond the obvious involvement of the horrific Infested faction. 

Of course, given the name, we can also assume that this might include a new location, as Deimos is the second of the two moons of Mars, with Phobos already existing in the game. There are many speculations abound within the community – if you’d like to hear what we have to say, keep an eye out for Cephalon Squared Episode 106, which will be released at the start of next week.

Also to be shown off at this year’s event – the new community-created warframe, and the Arsenal Twitch Extension, which will allow players to share their loadouts with viewers on Twitch. Of course, we don’t expect that to be all that will be shown off – there hasn’t been a year that Digital Extremes hasn’t surprised us yet!

But wait – there’s more!

Given this year’s TennoCon is an entirely digital event, which can be viewed in its entirety (for free) on Twitch, Digital Extremes has also decided to provide some giveaways to those that take the time to drop by! Up for grabs this year is the much loved Hydroid Prime, plus a new weapon – the Athodai Hand Cannon.

All you need to do is link your Warframe and Twitch accounts, and watch for a certain amount of time, and your account will be credited! More details below:

TennoCon 2020

For the schedule of live events, head on over to the official TennoCon 2020 page on the Warframe website.

But for now… here’s the teaser trailer for Heart of Deimos!

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