EPOS is set to launch its own gaming headset range in 2020

EPOS is a brand-new, high-end audio company working to create and distribute the best in gaming headsets. Launching its global gaming campaign, EPOS is building itself on the principles of “uncompromising audio engineering, contemporary aesthetics and superb build quality.”

Building on the 115 years experience of Demant and its innovation in sound and hearing technology and its partnership with Sennheiser, EPOS will continue to sell Sennheiser’s gaming range with the co-branding EPOS | Sennheiser. However, EPOS will introduce its own line of premium EPOS branded headsets.

The first EPOS-only gaming product will launch in October 2020.

EPOS Gaming Headsets

EPOS is basing its new gaming range on the promise of “Out of this world gaming audio” and to compliment this vision, it has worked with director Anders Walter to create a short film (above).

Jeppe Dalberg-Larsen, President, EPOS said;

With our ambition to make EPOS the industry leader within premium audio solutions in gaming, we aim to win the minds of all gamers Who want to push their own limits – unleashing their potential – through the Power of Audio. We have seen a great opportunity to nurture this segment by establishing a dedicated global team of industry experts and will continue to innovate solutions for an immersive audio experience. With audio becoming a key agenda in the industry, we look forward to follow the global gaming landscape evolve even further the coming years.

EPOS will be looking to engage in esports sponsorships, social media campaigns and more to get the word out about the its gaming range and to position itself as a leader in the field.

Look for EPOS’ headsets in October.

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