The Computer Gear You Need For The Latest Games

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Technology is advancing at an incredible rate. As a result, almost every area of our lives has been affected. Many modern advancements have benefited the leisure and entertainment business, not least in the area of PC gaming. Gone are the days when someone simply had a pc, monitor, keyboard, mouse, and speakers with which to play games.

Computer gaming is big business, and more and more specialized equipment has become available. This article is designed to whet your appetite and let you know what can be bought for an optimum gaming experience.

Many choices

New products come on the market constantly. There is so much information on the internet, it can be hard to know where to start. It was helpful to learn from that the experts provide more than buyer guides these days. They also answer such questions as ‘what’s the best gaming response time?’ or ‘should I choose a mechanical or membrane keyboard?’

Most gamers begin with modestly priced products and upgrade them as they go. As with all purchasing, it’s best to be wise and stay within budget.


Gaming LED projectors are hugely exciting as their level of brightness frequently outperforms standard projectors. Having a 60’’ display gives a ‘cinema feel’ for gamers.

If someone is being filmed as they play, lighting is important in order to produce a clear picture. Softbox lighting kits are great for this. Ideally have one in front of the equipment and one behind. There will be no shadows, and the lighting will be maintained as people game late into the night.

If someone has gaming lights, they can be adjusted easily to match the feel of the game. Twitch streamers frequently show their faces over the top of the game. A green screen is needed so the game can be used as the background.


It’s worth buying quality headphones. There’s also the option to purchase a headset holder that enables one to store them safely under the desk. More expensive phones allow for the removal of white noise. They can be wireless, which will stop wires from getting in the way. One should choose headsets that have soft earpads as they’re worn for potentially long amounts of time, and need to be comfortable.

For people with a higher budget, surround sound headphones can heighten the excitement levels. Phones with scout mode are great for battle games. They help gamers hear distant enemies as they approach. External speakers can be really exciting too, and there’s the option to go for surround sound.

When playing online, it’s important that a gamer’s voice can be heard clearly. If only a cheap microphone is used, the sounds will be unclear and indistinct. More expensive microphones can include different mode options to ensure the sound matches the game’s ambiance.

When using an external microphone, it can be uncomfortable leaning over the computer desk. Microphone extension stands are great because they can suspend the microphone in the air in front of you. This enables gamers to maintain a good posture and be heard at the same time.

Pop filters are widely used on the radio and in music recording studios. They are also beneficial for attaching to one’s microphone. Any harsh sounds will be minimized and the listening experience will be enhanced.

Comfort, mouse, and webcam

Gamers frequently spend huge chunks of time with their hobby, so comfort is very important. Computer chairs are ok and can be adjusted, but racing-style chairs win the day. Not only can they lean back as the action starts, but one’s neck and head will remain supported during the experience.

A high-end mouse can contain a 3G laser sensor which will be five times more responsive than a standard optical one. Others have programmable buttons and backlights.

Computer gaming used to just involve one or two people, and a computer; then it went online and everything changed. Nowadays, people can film themselves while they play, and watch other gamers playing live too. Twitch streamers can make money when they have a large enough following.

These days people who watch you will expect to have a clear picture. Some webcams provide 4k HD footage which is amazing.

There’s a host of other accessories that can be purchased such as mousepads with motor vibration, flight systems, racing wheels and gearboxes. It’s best to start with the basics and see what other people are using. These days there’s a huge opportunity to enhance the sights and sounds experienced while gaming. It can be done in comfort, too with the right furniture and lighting. When so much is available, it’s no surprise that so many people love computer gaming.

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