In Outriders, Hubs and the Truck are combat free zones

After Outriders‘ Broadcast #2, we now know it’s not an open-world game and instead will use a hub and spoke system for exploration. While the spokes are where combat and exploration take place, Outriders’ Hubs are equally important.

When you enter a hub, your weapon in holstered and you’re able to leisurely explore, visit vendors, sell and purchase gear and items and even visit a bar. Hubs are where you’ll be picking up your main missions and some side missions including bounties.

In Broadcast #2, People Can Fly explains how, “as you progress through the game, the world state and NPC dialogue is affected by pivotal moments from the story and new side quests unlock. Some of which are hidden in earlier hubs and play spaces, further rewarding exploration.”


Certain NPCs will recognise and reward combat feats and achievements in Hubs too, like completing a “Collector’s Quest” like a bounty or monster hunt. People Can Fly said;

In bringing to life a new sci-fi universe, we are adamant that these settled areas feel dynamic and alive.

It’s in Hubs that players are also able to interact with their Truck and Crew. And the Truck brings everything you need from a Hub with it.

People Can Fly calls the Truck “a moving RPG village.”

Your Truck crew includes Jakob, who drives and is how you customise, Zahedi, responsible for weapon mods and crafting and Bailey, who is your Gear vendor.

Your Truck/camp also includes your Stash. Players can store equipment in the Stash in order to free up their inventory, as well as using it to transfer items between their roster of characters. At camp, players can also freely change and customise their character whenever they like.

Finally, the Truck/camp also includes the Matchmaking Terminal which People Can Fly hopes is self-explanatory.

Once players are ready to head out on a mission, they are free to do so, leaving behind the safety of the Truck and camp. In Outriders, combat, missions, exploration and the like, all take place in the free-roam areas and spokes but it’s the Hubs that allow players to really learn about the nitty-gritty of life on Enoch. Players can get involved in the day-to-day of NPCs, learn how they’re experiencing the events of the story and do all of the RPG maintenance players love to do.

Outriders will be available in 2020.


Leo Stevenson
Leo Stevenson
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