We asked Crystal Dynamics devs if Avengers has PvP, they didn’t say no

Following the first Marvel’s Avengers WarTable online briefing, we had the chance to sit down with some of the developers (Shaun Escayg – Creative Director, Vince Napoli – Combat Director, Phil Therien – Warzone Director and Scot Amos – Head of Studio) and talk about the game.

The Avengers WarTable digital event was a showcase of information about the game including the single-player story, co-op features, combat and more. We also got to see Thor in action which was pretty epic.

However, since the announcement of Marvel’s Avengers, there has been no mention of PvP or multiplayer of any kind, other than co-op.

So, we asked Scot Amos if Marvel’s Avengers includes any PvP. He didn’t say no…exactly.

Marvel’s Avengers PvP

Amos said of PvP;

We are an amazing co-op experience. At the end of the day, the reason we built this game, the way we did is because the Avengers, true to their core, from the comics and any other media they’ve been in, is a team. And so for us, that’s first and foremost, get that right, get this out there, build this world

Amos went on to say it was important to have a team of heroes and a campaign that serves as an origin story for Kamala to become Ms Marvel and for George Tarleton to become M.O.D.O.K.

“How that world gets set up as a stage for reassembling the heroes, that’s the beginning act of the campaign,” he explained. “The post-campaign is where you have your team and can go off and do all this crazy stuff that Phil [Therien] has planned for the Warzones.

“We want to make this a team experience, whether it’s an AI team or a human-based team. For us, the focus is on making that great and getting that right.”

While Amos focused on the team and co-op aspects of Marvel’s Avengers, he never actually said there wouldn’t be any PvP. Given the systems, combat mechanics and features included in Marvel’s Avengers and the desire for it to be a live service title, it makes sense to include a PvP mode in order to keep players coming back again and again for reasons other than progressing the global fight against AIM.

For now, there is no confirmation that Marvel’s Avengers will or won’t have PvP, though speaking to Crystal Dynamics, they’re clearly focused on co-op and the single-player experience.

Marvel’s Avengers will launch on September 4, 2020.

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