5 Essay Writing Tips in Business Communication

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Creating a strong, polished essay on business communication seems an unavoidable challenge for most students who enrol in accounting, economics, or finances. When choosing task outsourcing from a pro essay writing service, you’ll deal with the paperwork, but for how long? Another business communication essay is likely to be completed next month. We offer you a glance at 5 writing hacks for delivering high-quality, informative essays that fulfil the standards for this type of academic task. 

Perform Audience Analysis

Your first goal from the checklist of creating a consistent piece of business writing would be to find out for whom you’re actually writing. In simple terms, audience analysis during business communication essay writing is not different from other subjects or even professional areas. ‘Write my essay’ is the Google search idea you want to think about a bit later. The audience’s values, interests, and attitudes will be at the centre of the narrative that you’re going to promote through every sentence of the business communication essay. 

Of course, your audience would be the professor’s eyes behind glasses, yet peer essay reviews are becoming a typical thing for business students. If you want to get accolades from other students who will check your essay, consider their daily pains and patterns of perceiving information. 

Where a professor will poke around the strength of every argument, length of paragraphs, and absence of precise thesis, your peers are not going to notice small flaws. For them, you’ll have to create an informative, engaging business narrative that will clearly focus on the ideas and transit from one chunk of information to another. You should think about the way your audience would read your essay before taking a pen and paper to the table. 

Stick to a Specific Idea of Your Writing

Each essay begins with the idea that drives it forward. In academic terms, this cornerstone idea is called the thesis, and yes, it has to be versatile and deep enough to allow the flow of your narrative to move along till the last dot. ‘Help write my essay’ is one of the frequent calls for academic services because they know how to develop and broaden the ideas around the thesis. So if you struggle with the task, feel free to address these companies. But when writing a business communication essay by yourself, you have to stick to a certain idea behind your writing. You can follow one of the following goals:

  • Information sharing and highlighting of the important business communication concepts. In this case, your idea would be as close to letting people know more about the subject of essay discussion. Your thesis has to state that you’re going to provide descriptive content in the essay
  • Explanation of the specific information. This kind of idea for thesis works when you’re letting readers know that you’re going to analyze and review a certain concept in the smallest details
  • The implication to act according to the stated problem
  • Compare and contrast two different points of view

Prepare a Detailed Outline

Outline of the business communication essay is like a skeleton to which the narrative ideas, tone, voice, and concepts you wish to highlight are attached. An essay that you’re going to write is not the easiest one because it’s in the area of business. This is why the outline will help you in the following ways:

  • You’ll organize your thoughts into the system of text chunks. You’ll have to include lots of concepts, statistical data, and explanation of the business communication ideas. The outline will be your reminder list to keep all that in mind.
  • You’ll be able to structure your information in a suitable way. When writing essays sporadically, students often forget about structure and ideas they planned to represent in the needed order. 
  • An outline helps not to miss anything important from business communication essays. Literally, the essay outline is like a manuscript of future writing, it points out the location of the content and related sub-points that will support parts of the paper. 

The general structure of the outline is the same for the majority of college essays. Make sure that the outline is structured like this:

  • Introduction (Start from general description narrowing down to thesis).
  • Body (Paragraphs with arguments).
  • Conclusion (Reversed introduction, the thesis comes first in the restated look).

Do a Makeover of Tone and Voice

You’ll have to comply with the business-like tone and voice in the narrative. Shortness, direct statements of facts and clean writing without all-around, meaningless words support the formula of success when it comes to business communication essays. 

Buzzwords and cliches are the worst enemies of concise writing. It’s when you use too many constructions that do not have obvious semantic value. In simple words, you don’t need to use words just for the fancy look of the text. You’re talking about business communication, so strive for the result. Fewer words, more information – keep readers intact with what they must follow in the essay. 

Proofread to Achieve Required Quality

Business writing, even when it comes to essays, has to meet high standards of consistency and clarity of narrative. Among the basics of essay writing, you’ll have to comply with the following requirements:

  • Avoid colloquial speech (slang, contracted verbs, filler words).
  • Deliver standard essay structure (introduction, body, conclusion).
  • Work on thesis and arguments (make sure that they are obvious for all readers).
  • Exclude misspellings and grammar mistakes (your professor would be thankful and give you a high grade).

We also recommend using proofreading tools that save time on manual detection of grammar mistakes:

  • Google Docs automatic suggestion system that pops up during typing. 
  • Grammarly – proofreading AI service – checks not only grammar but stylistic mistakes as well.
  • Ginger contextual grammar and spell checker that works very similar to Grammarly.
  • Your sharp mind and attention. Yes, you’re still the best proofreader of your essay out there. 


Planning to create the astounding business communication essay this weekend? We’d be glad if our extensive guide should come in handy when composing your chef d’oeuvre. The solid narrative idea to focus upon, good outline with all structural elements included, and understandable explanation of fancy business communication concepts are the main ingredients for brewing the essay you won’t be ashamed to pass right in time. 

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