Borderlands 3 Bounty of Blood has a cute Control Easter Egg

Borderlands 3’s third DLC, Bounty of Blood, is now available. It’s a western, samurai shoot ’em up kind of experience, yet it also hints at some weirder, more sinister elements at play. Late in the DLC, you’ll explore en ex-Jakobs facility that was used for scientific experiments.

Here, the story and DLC take a hard left turn from western to sci-fi and you’ll feel as though you’ve stepped into the Dharma Initiative.

As you explore this facility, you’ll encounter all manner of strange things and you’ll be reminded of plenty of sci-fi games and movies, including Half-Life and Control. However, there’s once particular section that is a great parody/Easter Egg for control fans.

Bounty of Blood

In Bloodsun Canyon, inside the facility, you’ll explore branching paths ane eventually, you’ll find the side mission for The Dandy and Damsel. From the mission giver, if you head to your right and through a corridor, you’ll come to a room that will look familiar to any person who’s played Control.

You’ll step into an observing area, with smaller rooms behind glass.

In one, you’ll see a fridge, with warning tape, behind the glass, with a corpse in front.

This is a great nod to the fridge in Control where you fight Former.

Bounty of Blood is available now.

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