Kards announces single-player expansion ‘Theatres of War’

Kards, the World War II collectible card game, is assing a single-player expansion on June 30. Theatres of War adds five single-player campaigns to Kards which recreate some of the most iconic battles of World War II.

Alongside the five single-player campaigns, Theatres of War adds 40 new cards which can be unlocked by completing the former. The five campaigns are based on each of the five nations in Kards; Britain, Germany, Japan, USA and the Soviet Union.

The campaigns each feature battles from real-world military campaigns but controlled by the player, their cards and their strategy.


The British campaign in Theatres of War ” thrusts the Allies into 1942’s Operation Torch in which players must fight to capture the Vichy-French controlled city of Tunis. With three decks available, there will be a range of strategies to master for each battle.” Cards in Theatres of War will also be able to be upgraded between rounds, a first for the game.

As you play each campaign, you’ll unlock eight cards for each nation.

Among these special cards are new HQs that correspond to the locations of each campaign. These special HQs will transform the playboard as the game takes players from the sandy dunes of Africa to the snowy tundra of the Soviet winter, adding a fresh feel to online clashes. 

Kards is available free on Steam and Theatres of War costs $29.95 in-game. By purchasing the bundle, you save 25% over purchasing each campaign individually. Pre-purchases of the expansion will be available from June 19 and will grant instant access to new card backs and five elite cards.

Once the expansion launches on June 30, players can purchase it as a bundle, individually or with in-game gold.

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