Supersize your mouse mat with Razer’s Gigantus V2

Razer has launched the newest member of its mouse mat range called the Gigantus V2. The name is appropriate because you can get a Gigantus V2 up to 1.2 meters wide which is as big as most standard desks. The Gigantus V2 is based on a thick, high-density rubber foam topped with a textured cloth surface with a high thread count weave for a balance between speed, accuracy and control. All the mouse mats have a non-slip rubber backing to keep it firmly planted on your desk.

The standard Gigantus V2 comes in all black finish with a subtle Razer tag in one corner. However, you can also order a custom design through Razer Customs. You can choose your own logos, patterns and icons – something especially pertinent for streamers who want to promote their personal brand. Razer Customs has previously had success with products themed around Star Wars, Gears of War, and many more.

The Gigantus V2 is available via and comes in four sizes:

  • M – 260x275x3mm — $9.99USD/€11.99
  • L – 450x400x3mm — $14.99USD/€19.99
  • XXL — 940x410x4mm — $29.99USD/€39.99
  • 3XXL — 1200x550x4mm — $49.99USD/€59.99

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Kizito Katawonga
Kizito Katawonga
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