Samsungs new T7 portable SSD is as small as your credit card

Samsung has launched a new portable external Solid State Drive(SSD) called the T7. This tiny new drive is a sleek little number, measuring just 85 x 57 x 8mm which is roughly the same size as your credit card. It weighs a featherlight 58 grams. The drive joins a growing range which includes the T7 Touch that has a built-in fingerprint scanner for fortress type security.

Matt Nelson, Head of Memory at Samsung Electronics Australia, says the T7 is the ideal companion for those looking to save video and photo content from their camera, phone or tablets. “The T7 builds on an incredible offering in portable storage for people seeking fast, safe, reliable, and compact options to store and protect important data.”

The beauty of these portable SSD’s(aside from their ultracompact size) is their incredibly fast data transfer speeds. The T7 has a read/write speed of up to 1,050/ 1,000MB/s. That’s much faster than most people will need on the go but clearly, the T7 is for creative professionals who need to work on the move. Samsung says users will get the most out of the T7 when it’s paired with a computer that has an internal NVMe SSD like the company’s own 970 EVO Plus.

The T7 comes in three sizes, 500GB, 1TB and 2TB. Connection is via USB and supports both Type-C and Type-A thanks to bundled cables and will work with Windows, Mac and Android devices. However, most of you gamers will see more immediate use for this drive on your PS4 or Xbox. As you’ve been following the news, the next gen console war is centered around fast SSD’s and how they will eliminate loading times.

The T7 may not have a fingerprint reader but are still secure with AES 256-bit hardware data encryption so you can rest assured. You can change the password using the bundled software for PC or Mac and there’s also a mobile app for Android devices. The T7 comes in three colors — Metallic Red, Indigo Blue and Titan Grey. The T7 is available at major retailers and starting at $209 for 500GB, $379 for 1TB, and $669 for 2TB.

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