LG’s Soundbars for 2020 have something for everyone

LG Australia has unveiled it’s 2020 soundbar range that perfectly complements all the exciting new TV’s launched earlier this month. To match the exceptional picture quality of their TV’s, LG partnered with UK high-fidelity audio firm, Meridian.

The automotive connoisseurs among you might recognize the name Meridian found in top of the line Landrovers Range Rovers. And if they can create surround sound inside a car, you can bet these new sound bars will shake the living room.

Meridians Bass and Space technology boosts low-frequency reproduction and widens the soundstage which allows listeners to get a warm and immersive sound regardless of where they are sitting. Even better is the Image Elevation tech that elevates the perceived height of instruments and vocals making it sound like you are in a crowd at a concert.

Besides all the Meridian tech, LG’s new soundbars also support Dolby Atmos and DTS:X so you can experience truly three-dimensional sound in your living room. Dolby Atmos adds that extra dimension of height to your sound so you can hear things not just around you but above you as well.

One of the biggest challenges with home theatres has always been positioning and balancing the speakers to create the surround effect. The 2020 LG soundbar range has enhanced AI Room Calibration. What this does is allow users to use their smartphone microphone to listen to specialised test tones produced by the soundbar. The SoundBar will then adjust the equaliser according to the room acoustics. This feature by itself is enough of a reason to buy because it solves a real problem for laypeople who just want to plug and play and can’t afford a professional to calibrate their audio.

All the 2020 LG Sound Bars are compatible with Google Home and are Wi-Fi enabled. So you can use Google Assistant to control various devices and carry out functions such as play your Spotify through the Sound Bar. Select Sound Bars in the range now include enhancing Audio Return Channel or eARC. This allows you to send and receive high-quality audio from your compatible devices directly to your TV.

It’s important to note that not all the Sound Bars will feature all these fancy tech. If you want all the bells and whistles, the flaghsip LG SN11RG is the one to get. It’s got 770W of combined power for a 7.1.4-channel surround sound and has both Meridian Audio and Dolby Atmos. It also has two wireless rear speakers that are upwards firing for multi-dimensional sound. The SN11RG features 4K passthrough and eARC so you can connect all your consoles and DVD players to the Sound Bar and have a single output to your TV.

The next two top models, the SN10YG and SN9YG, are 570W and 520W respectively with 5.1.2 surround sound. Optional 140W rear speakers can be added to further enhance the sound and have the AI calibration to help you set them up. You can check out the full list of Sound Bars, their RRP and availability in the table below.

Model CodeKey FeaturesRRP^In-store date
SN11RGWireless rear up-firing speakersMeridian AudioDolby Atmos® & DTS:XGoogle Assistant Built-in770W & 7.1.4 Channels$1899May
SN10YGMeridian AudioDolby Atmos® & DTS:XGoogle Assistant Built-inAI Room Calibration570W & 5.1.2 Channels$1599June
SN9YGMeridian AudioDolby Atmos® & DTS:XGoogle Assistant Built-inAI Room Calibration520W & 5.1.2 Channels$1399May
SN8YGMeridian AudioDolby Atmos® & DTS:XGoogle Assistant Built-inAI Room Calibration440W & 3.1.2 Channels$1049May
SN7YMeridian AudioDolby Atmos® & DTS:XHigh Resolution Audio4K Pass Through380W & 3.1.2 Channels$899May
SN7CYMeridian AudioDolby Atmos® & DTS:XHigh Resolution Audio4K Pass Through160W & 3.0.2 Channels$749June
SN6YDTS Virtual:X™High Resolution AudioAI Sound ProRear Speaker Compatible420W & 3.1 Channels$649May
SN5YDTS Virtual:X™High Resolution AudioAI Sound ProRear Speaker Compatible400W & 2.1 Channels$549April
SN4DTS Virtual:X™AI Sound ProHDMI In/Out, Optical &USB300W & 2.1 Channels$399April

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