Stylistic Spaceship Sim Ostranuats Hits Early Access Next Month

Blue Bottle Games is teaming up with publisher Modern Wolf to bring its stylised new game Ostranuats to PC sometime this year. The game is slated to hit Steam Early Access on June 11th before a full release later this year. Blue Bottle Games, the minds behind the lauded NEO Scavenger, are looking to craft a new kind of sim experience with Ostranuats.

The game seems to be a spaceship life simulator, with a refreshing dash of noir and emotional maturity. In it, you will captain a scavenger ship through deep space as you attempt to manage the needs of your crew, the mechanical realities of running a ship and of course, budgetary restrictions.

Before launching into a ravaged nebula far away, Ostranuats invites you to pick your own crew as well as design your unique ship.


Customising your junker sounds inticing enough but Ostranuats‘ most ambitious elements seem to be centred on catering to the needs of your crew. While you’ll need to contend with the basic needs systems of most sims (hunger, oxygen and the like), you’ll also need to manage more “esoteric” needs such as intimacy and esteem.

Exactly how this plays out, along with combat, exploration and the toted
“noir” vibe, remains to be seen but Ostranuats at least promises something unique.

The game is being brought to us by progressive new publisher Modern Wolf – a team I had the pleasure of interviewing last year. With a keen focus on healthy developer conditions and unique indie titles, Modern Wolf’s pairing with Blue Bottle Games is hopeful destined for great things.

You can add Ostranuats to your Steam Wishlist here before the game hits Early Access on June 11th.

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