Minecraft Dungeons first DLC launching in July

Mojang has announced the first of two planned DLCs for Minecraft Dungeons will launch in July. The first add-on, titled Jungle Awakens, will be released in July and will talk players with travelling to “a distant, dangerous jungle to fight a mysterious power in three new missions.”

Jungle Awakens will add new weapons, armour and artifacts alongside the three new missions. Players will have to contend with Leapleaf, Jungle Zombie and Poison Quill Vine and more dangerous and deadly enemies.

It’s not yet known if Jungle Awakens and the second planned DLC will form part of the locked Island Realms portal players can find on their map screen.

Minecraft Dungeons

The second planned DLC is Creeping Winter and far less information about it has been released. Mojang said more information will be announced and that the DLC is planned for release later this year.

Mojang also thanked fans and players for the response to Minecraft Dungeons so far.

We would like to acknowledge the amazing response we got these past few days. One of the most exciting things about the launch is seeing your first impressions, the hidden and secret areas you’re discovering, not to mention the endless combinations of armor and artifacts you’re creating.

We’ve put a lot of time, love, and hard work in this game – and seeing it finally in the hands of our community is an indescribable feeling. What’s even more exciting – there’s more to come!

While cross-platform play isn’t available right now, Mojang has said it is working on adding the feature as well as plenty of free content available for all players regardless of which edition they purchased.

Minecraft Dungeonsis available now.

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