People Can Fly shows off some new Outriders gameplay, customisable UI and more

People Can Fly and Square Enix have debuted new gameplay from the upcoming RPG shooter Outriders. Showing off the First City, this gameplay video focuses on the Pyromancer, never-before-seen powers, brand-new enemies and more. The video gives players a look at the World Tier system, customisable UI and the drop-in co-op features.

Right away, players are introduced to the First City. Once a thriving location, the meltdown of its power supply and the subsequent radiation meant it wasn’t livable. Now, it’s the territory of hostile forces and dangerous mutants.

The video shows off some pretty great Pyromancer powers as they take apart the swarming monsters before fighting a large boss enemy.


The new gameplay footage shows the UI is completely customisable too, with players able to include or remove whatever elements they like. For example, players who enjoy all the bells and whistles, damage numbers, quest icons etc, these can all be turned on. Alternately, just about everything can be switched off to give Outriders a more clean, shooter look.

People Can Fly and Square Enix also provided some additional details about the World Tier system Separate from your character’s level, World Tier governs enemy damage, armour, health and level. When you play on a higher World Tier, the loot you find will be of a higher level and, you will be able to quip gear of a higher level than your character’s current one, if you are on a high enough World Tier.

However, if you die, you will lose a small percentage of your World Tier advancement. This is to prevent players from reaching a World Tier that is too difficult.

There are 15 World Tiers and as you unlock them you’ll be rewarded with a resource or Rare, Epic or Legendary weapon.

Outriders Creative Director Bartek Kmita said;

We are making the game we always wanted to play. The team at PCF are all gamers and we love shooters. Shooters are in our DNA and we have been making them for decades. At the same time, we also love RPG’s

We always wanted to play a deep RPG, with an epic story and the flexibility to create lots of interesting character builds, but we also wanted a skill-based, challenging and intense real-time combat system in our RPG. When the opportunity to create it ourselves came along, it was like a dream come true.

The First City gameplay is one of the new monthly Outriders broadcasts which feature a deep dive into different aspects of the game.

Outriders will launch for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X in 2020.

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