High Hell creators’ Sludge Life is free on the Epic Games Store

High Hell, from Devolver Digital, Terri Vellmann & Doseone is a fast-paced, action-packed first-person shooter in the vein of Hotline Miami. Now, Terri Vellmann & Doseone are back with Sludge Life and it’s free on the Epic Games Store. Dubbed a “freaky artistic expression simulator,” Sludge Life is a change of pace from High Hell.

Players are able to free-roam a small island on a planet which is covered in sludge. Playing as up and coming graffiti artist GHOST, you’ll need to become part tagging’s top crew. Or not…

According to Devolver Digital, in Sludge Life players will experience the following;

  • Experience the thrills of vandalism from the safety of your computer.
  • Curiosity and free will are your only motivators – roll as you please through a tiny open-world.
  • Find and download apps to your laptop and waste your life away playing a game within a game.
  • Smoke Ciggy Cigs brand cigarettes. Smoke ‘em up real good.
  • Take photos of exotic fauna and ambivalent NPCs.
  • Dedicated fart button.
  • A huge baby, community basketball court, and a cat with two buttholes. [no extra charge]
  • Three distinct endings and pretty robust credits.

Sludge Life

If this game sounds right up your alley but you don’t have a PC to access it, never fear, a Switch release is also planned for 2020.

You can also head to https://shopsludgelife.com/ to learn more, listen to the soundtrack, purchase some real-life merch and deal with some hilarious pop-ups.

Sludge Life is available now free, on the Epic Games Store.

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