Legends of Runeterra Patch 0.9.4 gives you a free Champion, card changes detailed

Riot Games has released patch 0.9.4 for Legends of Runeterra. The update makes the final changes to the game for the Open Beta including adjustments to cards, “tweaks to Expeditions archetypes and some user interface improvements.” The patch also gives players the opportunity to earn a free Champion by linking their Twitch Prime account.

To link your accounts, head to Twitch and login to both your Twitch Prime and Riot accounts. After linking you can claim your rewards and will be given one Champion Wildcard, one Epic Wildcard, one Rare Wildcard and one Expedition Draft.

To find your new items, head to your inventory in Legends of Runeterra. This pack is great for helping you get your hands on that Champion you’ve been chasing and to help you finish off that deck you’ve been building.

Legends of Runeterra

Alongside the free cards, Riot Games has made a number of changes to Legends of Runeterra with patch 0.9.4. A total of 16 cards have been changed as part of the update, including four Champions; Draven, Katarina, Yasuo (both levels) and Kalista.

Draven will now level up when he strikes with two spinning axes at once. Live Design Lead Steve Rubin said the change was made in order to make the “gameplay dream and level up more realizable and satisfying.” Riot wants players to use the Spinning Axes on Draven and give them more opportunities to do so.

Katarina has been given some new text which reads “Play: Create a [Fleeting] Blade’s Edge in hand.” By giving her increased versatility, Riot hopes that players will find Katarina more useful, especially early in the game, when before she could be ineffective.

Yasuo, at both levels, has had his health increased by 1. According to Riot;

Yasuo hasn’t quite had the durability needed to be able to fully utilize him as a build-around. For a champion all about dicing up opponents, his statline made it difficult to confidently use him in combat, and this change should make Yasuo more consistently usable throughout games.

Finally, Kalista has been updated to allow her to level up after she’s seen 3+ allies die, rather than 4+.

For the full list of card changes, head to the patch page.

The update has also tuned Expeditions mode and has added a third Bonus Archetype. In addition to Fluft and Tuft and Cataclysm, players will now be able to Crimson Guard. Riot notes that, “these bonus archetypes only show up half as often as the primary archetypes during the initial Champion Picks, so if you’re interested in trying them out, take ’em when you see ’em!”

For the full updates to Expeditions, check out the patch page.

Finally, some miscellaneous changes have been made. These are;

  • Region Road visual updates.
    • Each region road now has an introductory card at the beginning where you can explore the region’s champions.
    • Region selection UI updated to a more lightweight slide-out panel.
    • Header bar slimmed.
  • Various quest text updated for clarity.
  • On PC, players can now click on a card to mark it for replacement during Mulligan (change made in patch 0.9.3).
  • Mobile app icon updated.

Legends of Runeterra is currently in Open Beta and launches for PC and Mobile on April 30, 2020.

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