Vigor and Bohemia Interactive are supporting doctors with the Stay Safe Charity Pack

In a bid to support those frontline health workers doing amazing work to care for people afflicted by the global COVID-19 pandemic, Bohemia Interactive has released a special pack in Vigor. From April 10, for a limited time, players can purchase the ‘Stay Safe Charity Pack’ with all profits being donated to the University Hospital Brno.

University Hospital Brno is the largest hospital in Prague, where Bohemia Interactive is located, and on top of dealing with COVID-19 has been “repeatedly hit by hacker attacks.”

The Stay Safe Charity Pack can only be purchased once per account and costs $2.95 AUD (1.99 USD). The pack includes the special Stay Safe Mask.


In Vigor, the world has been devastated by fallout from a nuclear war and Norway is the last “bastion of humanity.” Known as Outlanders, players must survive by fighting, looting, mending and repairing. Between eight and 12 players take part in encounters that see them trying to secure an airdrop, collect supplies and exit without dying.

Players who manage to escape earn plenty of rewards and those who secure the airdrop get even more.

Vigor is part PUBG, part Fortnite and part Dark Zone from The Division.

It’s free-to-play on Xbox One and is in closed beta on Switch.

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