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We get to review a lot of Razer products at PowerUp and we are always blown away by how good the headsets are. Recently, I’ve had the fortune of using the Razer Kraken Ultimate headset and even though it’s wired, it’s my new go-to. It’s light, comfortable and produces immaculate sound regardless of what you’re using it for.

As a PC only headset, the Kraken Ultimate already has some benefits that console headsets can’t and don’t have. A USB connection is the first. This means the Kraken Ultimate is Chroma compatible and comes with THX Spatial Audio.

You want better than 7.1? You got it.

The Kraken Ultimate is an absolute beast of a headset and for the price, it’s worth every cent.

Razer Kraken Ultimate Review

The Kraken Ultimate looks and feels like a Kraken headset. So, it’s lightweight and chunky. It feels great to wear and the oversized earcups fit over your ears comfortably. The flexible headband is also super comfy and I never had any issues with it even if I was wearing the headset with a baseball cap.

As is standard with Razer products, the build is of high quality and is certainly going to work for most users. Comfort is pretty subjective, so there’s always a chance this headset won’t suit you but by and large, it’s really well-designed with an emphasis on comfort and being used for long sessions.

The cooling gel in the earcups really helps to keep your head cool while gaming for extended periods and I can’t recall a time I felt uncomfortable, hot or sweaty while using the Kraken Ultimate.

Available only in Classic Black, because the Kraken Ultimate connects to your PC via USB, it comes with full Chroma support. This lets you customise the glow from the earcups with Razer’s software and choose how the headset will glow from 16.8 million colours and a range of effects.

On the headset itself, there is only a volume control dial, the THQ Spatial Audio on/off button and the retractable microphone.

I often have problems with microphones on headsets. I don’t know if it’s because I try to speak quietly so as to not disturb my family, or if I just have a garbage voice that doesn’t work well with technology. In either case, I had zero issues with the Kraken Ultimate.

I used the headset for gaming sessions, a streaming session and to conduct interviews and calls and not once did anybody complain about the quality of my sound. This is a huge win for me and for the Kraken Ultimate. The microphone comes equipped with active noise cancellation which works a treat. I use a mechanical keyboard and have a noisy toddler and while some noise will always bleed through, most of it is knocked on the head. to deliver really clear voice comms.

When you don’t need the mic it disappears inside the earcup. Simple.

The real drawcard here is the THX Spatial Audio. When activated, you can really hear sound coming at your from all directions. It’s less impressive when listening to music but when playing games, it’s amazing. Enemy footsteps, gunfire, voices and more, all come at you from wherever they are which makes any game feel more immersive.

If you don’t like the surround sound, then you can simply turn it off with the press of a button. Though, I can’t imagine not using it now that I have.

This is, yet another, incredible headset from Razer and certainly one that I continue to use on a daily basis. If you’re in the market for a really good, wired solution, then look no further.

The Razer Kraken Ultimate was provided to PowerUp! by Razer for this review.

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