Intel unleashes its army of Comet Lake H processors across 100’s of laptops

Intel has launched the 10th Generation of its mobile processors now with 8-cores and capable of reaching maximum speeds up to 5.3Ghz. As we’ve recently reported, several manufacturers like MSI, ASUS and Gigabyte have already announced fresh new gaming laptops with the new processors.

The new processors have eight cores and 16 threads for maximum multithreaded performance for video and 3d rendering tasks. As a result, games will run much smoother without being bottlenecked by the processor. Intel also says the new processors will lead to greater battery life, thermals and a 44% improvement in productivity performance.

Fredrik Hamberger, General Manager of Intel’s premium and gaming laptop segment says the new Comet Lake H platform is optimised for enthusiasts and creators who need top performance on the go. To this end, the new processors are available across more than 100 laptop designs launching this year.

True mobile powerhouse

The crown jewel in the Comet Lake H lineup is the unlocked Core i9-10980HK. It has a maximum single-core speed of 5.3Ghz Turbo. The eight cores and 16 threads with 16MB of Intel Smart Cache should result in an impressive performance in both intense creative tasks and gaming. Intel says that the 10th Gen i9-10980HK delivers up to 54% more frames per second in gaming and 44% overall performance when compared to a three-year-old system.

But for most buyers, the i7-10875H which is the first-ever Intel eight-core mobile processor is likely to be what ships in their laptop. With a maximum boost up to 5.1Ghz, this processor will be more than enough for gaming, multitasking and general productivity.

Optimised for gaming

Intel 10th Gen Comet Lake H line up

The new Intel processors pack a few more tricks than just raw power though. Intel has worked with a number of laptop makers to support several new handy technologies. The new chipsets feature integrated Intel Wi-Fi 6 AX201 (Gig+), Intel Dynamic Tuning Technology, Thunderbolt 3, Intel Optane memory support and Intel Speed Optimiser for one-click overclock.

The new processors are already available in several newly announced laptops but you can expect a ton more to come in the following months.

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