Russian Destroyers and Battleships, new Campaigns and new Ranked Battles coming to World of Warships Legends

The April update to World of Warships Legends is just around the corner. Releasing on April 13, the big-ticket items for the update are the release of Russian Destroyers and the addition of Early Access for Russian Battleships. The release of the Destroyers means players are able to research through to the Tier VII Tashkent.

Wargaming claims that the Russian Destroyers are different to the others in the game as they are more useful as a gunboat, rather than stealth and torpedos. Similar to Russian Cruisers, the Destroyers come with flat-shooting guns which work best at maximum range.

The Battleships join the game in the April update in Early Access and will be fully released in the next update. Russian Battleships bring heavy artillery to World of Warships Legends and are poised to give the German ships a run for their money.

World of Warships Legends

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Russian Battleships are only accurate at close range but with their heavy armour, they should be able to take the hits to get in close. However, Wargaming has warned that being hit on their broadside will deal massive damage. Positioning is going to be key.

In addition to the Russian ships, two new campaigns are being added with the update. ‘To Tame A Dreadnought’ and ‘The Heroic Oleg’ will feature in World of Warships Legends with the first running until May 4. ‘To Tame A Dreadnought’ features the Russian commander Mikhail Kedrov as the final reward.

Kedrov was the captain of the Gangut during World War One.

‘The Heroic Oleg’ begins shortly after ‘To Tame A Dreadnought’ finishes and will allow players to earn the Oleg for themselves. The Oleg is “a handsome old-fashioned protected cruiser that was one of the few Russian survivors of the Battle of Tsushima.”

These two campaigns will be packed with rewards including Soviet crates that have the chance to include one of the new battleships.

Ranked Battles are coming back for two more seasons. These seasons will be shorter than those held previously based on player feedback, but they will feature extra rewards like Soviet crates, season exclusive patches and more.

Finally, the April update adds some new features to World of Warships Legends. These include a Photo mode in port and the option to have commander’s speak in their native language.

World of Warships Legends is free-to-play on PS4 and Xbox One.

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