Demon Hunter and Ashes of Outland are now live in Hearthstone, here’s Orange’s top deck

With the arrival of April, Hearthstone’s latest expansion, Ashes of Outland, has arrived. This expansion brings Hearthstone’s first new class since launch; Demon Hunter. The first playable Demon Hunter is none other than Illidan Stormrage and he brings with him, 30 Demon Hunter specific cards for players to use.

The inclusion of Demon Hunter has also added the special Demon Hunter prologue to Hearthstone which explains Illidan’s origins and gifts players all 30 cards upon completion.

As part of Ashes of Outland, new mechanics include Outcast, Prime and Dormant.

  • Primes: In their initial forms, Primes are helpful early-to-midgame Legendary minions; upon leaving the board, they’re shuffled back into a player’s deck in a vastly upgraded form.
  • Imprisoned Demons: Start off “dormant” for two turns (unable to attack or take damage), but once unleashed, these powerful minions have wicked effects.

Ashes of Outland

The arrival of Demon Hunter has thrown the meta into chaos and already, some of the world’s best Hearthstone players are creating some great decks. Jon “Orange” Westberg has posted his Demon Hunter deck on Twitter and shared some stats about using it.

As you can see, Orange has used this deck to stay in the Top 10 of legend and to peak at fourth place. Not bad at all.

One of the Demon Hunter’s most interesting cards is the Mana Burn and a fan on Twitter asked Orange when was the best time to use it. He replied;

I get this question a lot, and its a tough one to answer since its so dependant on the situation. Generally speaking you wanna play it on turns when you’re pushing for tempo, like a Questing Advenuter-turn, to make their potential reactive plays less effective.

If you want to try Orange’s deck for yourself, the Deck Code is;


Ashes of Outland is available now and introduces the new class, 135 new cards, a new single-player experience (still to be released) and the Demon Hunter prologue.

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