Vigor Season 3 kicks off today adding new tools and weapons

Hot off the announcement of Vigor coming to Switch, Bohemia Interactive has revealed the beginning of Season 3 on Xbox One. Vigor Season 3 will add all-new items, weapons and tools to the game for the existing Xbox One community while giving a preview of what players can expect on Switch.

A new seasonal game mode titled Sawmill Shootout is the biggest new feature to come to Vigor in Season 3. In Sawmill Shootout players battle in a closed-off section of the Sawmill map causing a much more frantic, close-up battle.

For the duration of the mode, players can respawn until the final minute of the match. After that, players fight to be the last remaining player alive. Bohemia Interactive says;

Shootouts offer a Vigor experience focused solely on combat and players do not bring their equipment from their Shelters, so they don’t have to worry about losing gear.

Thus, this will be a good place for players to hone their skills so they have a better chance to survive any firefights as they seek loot in Encounters. 

Vigor Season 3

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In Encounters, the weapon collection has been expanded and since the community has been clamouring for silence weapons, they’re being added. Three Vigor weapons have been given silenced versions. These are the PSS, SVU and MP5-K SD3.

Season 3’s theme is ‘Rivals’ and according to Bohemia “There’s cunning behind the flashy masks of these Outlanders and they wield it dangerously alongside their silenced weapons. They have their eyes set on the Sawmill and they’ll employ the use of new silenced weapons and new consumables to outlast and outlive their enemies.”

The new tools players will have access to are Iodine and Caffeine. Iodine improves radiation resistance and Caffeine gives a Stamina Boost. New face wear includes Masks, Eyewear and Full Headpieces.

The Switch beta for Vigor won’t include Season 3 content, but once that version launches, it will be 1:1 with the Xbox One version.

Vigor is available for Xbox One.

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