The Simpsons’ ‘Maggie Simpson in Playdate with Destiny’ is now streaming on Disney+

The Simpsons’ short film Playdate with Destiny was released alongside Disney/Pixar’s Onward earlier this year. The short stars Maggie Simpson who is taken to the park by Marge. After she’s protected by a boy named Hudson, Maggie becomes smitten and as they play, Maggie envisions them romancing one another.

Disney has announced that the short film is now streaming on Disney+ alongside 29 seasons and The Simpsons Movie.

Playdate with Destiny is The Simpsons’ third theatrical release after The Simpsons Movie and The Longest Daycare.

The Simpsons

In a post shared on Instagram, The Simpsons creator Matt Groening wrote that he and his team wanted fans to be able to watch Playdate With Destiny at home.

You can stream the animated short on Disney+ from today. At the time of writing, the short isn’t available yet, however, most Disney+ content is released at 6pm AEST.

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