Apex Legends The Old Ways Event kicks off next week

Next week, Apex Legends players will get to take part in The Old Ways event. Players will be invited to follow Bloodhound’s trail and will be able to play Duos all the time, as it will be added to the game permanently. A map rotation will also be added to the game, allowing players to play Duos or Trios on Kings Canyon and Worlds Edge.

The Old Ways event will see a Bloodhound takeover of New Town, an exclusive prize track and the ability to directly purchase cosmetics from the event and past Legendary Hunts.

The New Town takeover will see players take part in Bloodhound’s Trials as squads will battle “a hoard of prowlers and claim high-tier loot as your reward.”

Beware the most dangerous game: fellow Legends who want to scavenge those goods for themselves. In moments of quiet, don’t forget to explore the enclosure, especially with a certain hunter at your side.

Apex Legends Bloodhound Take Over

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The event prize track will give players the chance to complete daily challenges and earn cosmetics inspired by Outlands: The Old Ways. A direct purchase shop will also include special skins that tie into the animation.

Players will also have access to the Legendary Hunt Skins. Players will be able to purchase all eight of the original skins plus two recoloured versions of the Wraith and R-301 skins.

The Old Ways event begins on April 7 and runs until April 21.

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