Resident Evil 3 Guide – Where are all the Charlie Dolls?

Resident Evil 3 is finally in your hot little hands. The re-imagined, remade version of Jill Valentine’s escape from Raccoon City is quite different from the original game. Capcom has added a bunch of stuff for players to do aside from kill zombies and run away from the Nemesis. If you played the demo, you’ll be familiar with Charlie Dolls. If not, after playing Resident Evil 3, Charlie Dolls will become known as hidden collectibles.

There are a total of 20 Charlie Dolls in Resident Evil 3 and they’re spread throughout the entire game. Like the Raccoon Dolls in Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil 3 Charlie Dolls make a sound when you get close.

If you want to try and find all of the Charlie Dolls without a guide, you should turn the BGM all the way down in the menu. That way, you’ll be able to hear the dolls when you get close.

If you’re struggling to find all of Resident Evil 3’s Charlie Dolls, we’ve done the hard work for you. We’d also like to give a big thanks to Somewhat Awesome Games on YouTube for helping us find them all.

Resident Evil 3 Charlie Dolls

Resident Evil 3 Charlie Doll 1

Your very first Charlie Doll can be found after Carlos rescues you from the Nemesis. Once you regain control, turn around 180 degrees and head back up the stairs, out of the subway and back onto the street.

From there, look to the right-hand side of the sidewalk at a newspaper vending machine and a mailbox.

In between the vending machine and the mailbox is the very first Resident Evil 3 Charlie Doll. Shoot or stab him and you can return to Carlos and carry on with your escape from Raccoon City.

Charlie Doll 2

The second Charlie Doll can be found once you make your way out of the Subway Station and onto Raccoon City’s streets. After you find the burning alley and head back towards the city, you’ll see a cutscene of zombies busting down the temporary fence. Once you regain control of Jill, head down the steps and turn to the right.

You’ll see a metal staircase leading up. Go up the stairs, then at the top go to the left and follow the path until you see a door. Go inside and you’ll see a safe.

Stick to the left-hand side of the room and look at the bookshelf in the centre. On the top shelf, in the centre, you’ll see the Charlie Doll. Shoot that sucker and move on.

Charlie Doll 3

The third Charlie Doll is located inside Moon’s Donuts. Inside the building, you’ll see a counter on the left-hand side of the room, if you enter from the courtyard at the bottom of the steps or the right-hand side if you enter from the street where the Subway office and Pharmacy are.

Behind the counter, between a microwave and the wall leading outside to the street with the Subway Office is the Charlie Doll.

The Donut Shop also contains the second Safe Room you’ll find, an Item Box and a Box with a Gem inside.

Charlie Doll 4

Charlie Doll 4 is inside the Subway Office, in the room where you set the route for the train. You can get this Charlie before you’ve put the fire out and turned the power back on.

As you enter the Subway Office, make your way down the hallway and past the turn to the right where you can collect the firehose and Shotgun. Go through the door at the end of the hallway and go into the Subway Office control room.

You’ll see a long desk in the centre of the room. Head to the left-hand side of the desk and look under it. You’ll see the Charlie Doll hiding underneath.

Charlie Doll 5

You won’t find the next Charlie Doll until you make your way through the burning alley, past the mechanics and into the power substation.

Once inside, head up the stairs and go into the main office. Right in front of you, you’ll find one of Jill’s Hip Pouches. Turn left and go towards the exit and out into the area with the Drain Deimos.

Before you go out the door, turn 180 and face the cabinet. Look up, on the top of the cabinet and towards the right-hand wall.

On top of the cabinet, you’ll see Charlie Doll 5.

Charlie Doll 6

The sixth Charlie Doll is inside the Toy Uncle store.

After you finish with the Drain Deimos and have turned the power back on, you’ll have acquired the Lockpick. With the Lockpick in your inventory, you can open the chunky yellow locks that you’ll find on doors, boxes, lockers and more.

Head to the Toy Uncle store in the centre of the main Downtown section and unlock the door. Head inside and look towards the shelf filled with the Bad Box Art Mega Man dolls.

Right in the centre, between two piles of Mega Man dolls is Charlie 6.

Charlie Doll 7

The seventh Charlie Doll is found in the sewers after you escape Nemesis in the Subway Station. After you’ve gone down the slope and turned right into the tunnel towards the Lab, you’ll have to fight two Hunter γ B.O.W.s.

Once you’ve dealt with the Hunters, go right to the end of the tunnel and look through the bars. These are in the tunnel after the ladder you can climb to go into the Lab.

In the lower-right corner of the tunnel, behind the bars (and standing on some very gross looking stuff) is Charlie Doll 7.

Charlie Doll 8

Charlie Doll 8 is located on your way out of the sewers.

After you’ve found the Battery Pack and used it to get through the locked door out of the sewers, you’ll see a set of stairs in front of you. As you make your way up the stairs, make a 180 degree turn and look back the way you came.

On top of the light, above the corridor leading back the way you came, is Charlie Doll 8. Shoot him and continue on.

Charlie Doll 9

Once you’re out of the sewer, escape the burning building and beat the flamethrower wielding Nemesis, return to a familiar Gun Shop and then go down a locked alley, you’ll find yourself in a house.

After you go through the door, you’ll be in the kitchen of the house. The room is dark but if you look straight ahead, on a table, you’ll see the Charlie Doll.

Charlie Doll 10

Charlie Doll 10 can be found early on during Carlos’ RCPD section. After you’ve headed towards the entrance and killed Brad, make sure you pick up his ID Card, then head back the way you came. Go down the steps to your right.

You can check out Brad’s change room on the right then head up the steps in front of you. Up top, you’ll find a Red Herb and some ammo.

Look at the centre of the garden bed, on top of the small brick wall. Right in the middle is Charlie Doll 10.

This is a very similar location to a Raccoon Doll in Resident Evil 2.

Charlie Doll 11

Charlie Doll 11 is located inside RCPD, in the Safety Deposit Room. If you’ve played Resident Evil 2, you’ll remember it as the room with the missing keys that contains a number of lockers with items inside.

It’s also the room in Resident Evil 2 where you get the Shotgun.

Once inside, head to the left-hand side of the room and deal with the zombie there.

Keep going to the back of the room and look on the top shelf of the flimsy metal set of shelves. Charlie Doll 11 is standing right next to a box.

Charlie Doll 12

Once you’re back in control of Jill, the next Charlie Doll isn’t far away. Go through the door to get away from the derailed train and into the Safe Room. Here you’ll find your first Mine Rounds.

Go through the next door and follow the long corridor until you reach a wider area with bunk beds. You’ll be attacked by three zombies here.

Once they’re dealt with, keep moving forwards and at the second set of bunk beds on your right, stop and look. You’ll see a wooden bench to the right of the beds.

Under the bench is Charlie Doll 12.

Charlie Doll 13

The next Charlie Doll can be found just before the Clocktower battle against the Nemesis. After you climb the ladder out from the Dilapidated Shelter, you’ll hear the Nemesis roar.

Jill will be pretty miffed that he’s still not dead. Go forward and turn left to go towards the bridge that crosses the river. Before you climb the stairs to get onto the bridge, look to the left and you’ll see a STARS armoured van.

The STARS van is parked/crashed up against the outdoor section of a restaurant. Go around the back of the van and you’ll see a wooden crate in between the van and the restaurant fence.

Charlie Doll 13 is sitting next to the box.

Charlie Doll 14

After the Clocktower fight with the Nemesis, Jill will be put out of commission for a while and you’ll take control of Carlos again. Leave the makeshift hospital room and go through the Hospital until you go through a room with several zombies.

Next, you’ll head into a large corridor that goes both left and right, around a central courtyard. Go to the right and follow the corridor around.

Just before you go through a door to leave the courtyard/corridor, look to your left on a hospital bed that’s blocking you from going any further to the right.

Sitting right on top of the bed is Charlie Doll 14.

Charlie Doll 15

The 15th Charlie Doll is located on the Hospital Roof.

After you find the tape recorder and go through the room with a handful of zombies and that one zombie bashing on the sliding glass doors, you’ll go through the door at the left of this room.

Turn right here and go up the staircase then take a left turn and head outside.

Once you go through the door to the roof, turn right and look at the large airconditioning unit. Look at the bottom right corner and you’ll see the Charlie Doll.

Charlie Doll 16

Charlie Doll 16 is really cleverly hidden and was one of the last ones I found.

On the second floor of the hospital, go through the Nurse’s Station and then wait for the zombies in the room to your left to burst in and attack. Once they do, get rid of them and then go into the room they came from.

In the bottom left corner of this room — going by the map — there’s a plastic trash can. Inside this trash can is Charlie Doll 16.

Sneaky Capcom.

Charlie Doll 17

After you’re done with Carlos again and are back in control of Jill again, head through the Lockpick door and into the large loading dock area that leads down to NEST. As you’re moving through this section, keep your eyes our for a forklift on the left-hand side.

About midway through the area, before you reach the industrial elevator, you’ll see the forklift. Look at the front section and you’ll see the Charlie Doll.

Charlie Doll 18

Charle Doll 18 is found inside the warehouse. After you attempt to use the elevator and it breaks, you’ll need to find three fuses. As you make your way through the warehouse finding the fuses, you’ll need to keep an eye out for Charlie Doll 18.

After you deal with the Pale Head zombie, two dogs and a normal zombie, shimmy through the gap between two shelves.

Once you’re through, stick to the right-hand side and just before the end of the shelf, you should spot Charlie Doll 18.

He’s sitting right in the middle at head height.

Charlie Doll 19

The second last Charlie Doll is found inside NEST. After you make your way upstairs and into the room where you synthesise the vaccine, go to the right and through the open door/window onto the landing.

Once out on the landing, turn left and look in the left-corner just outside the door/window. Right there in the corner is Charlie Doll 19.

Charlie Doll 20

The very last Charlie Doll in Resident Evil 3 can be found just outside Lab 1. Once you’ve visited the vaccine synthesis room, you’ll get the USB Flash Drive. With this, you can unlock the door downstairs.

Once inside, you’ll have a handful of Pale Head Zombies to deal with. At the opposite side of the room from where you enter is a metal set of stairs. Climb these, turn right and you’ll come to Lab 1.

Inside Lab 1 you’ll find one part of the vaccine.

Go through this room and out the door past the two bodies.

In the corridor outside are a number of boxes blocking the way. Charlie Doll 20 is sitting right in front of these boxes.

Resident Evil 3 is available now.

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