Resident Evil 3 Guide – When Does Nemesis Appear?

Resident Evil 3 is all about Nemesis. He comes after Jill and relentlessly pursues her across Raccoon City as she tries to escape. Like Mr X in Resident Evil 2, Nemesis appears at certain times during the campaign. Sometimes he shows up to chase you around until you reach the next section and sometimes he appears as a boss fight.

With this guide, we’ll let you know when he appears and what to expect when he does. That way, you won’t be caught unawares when it happens.

However, if you’d rather experience it for yourself, then maybe don’t read this guide. It goes without saying that it contains spoilers.

Resident Evil 3 Nemesis


The very first time Nemesis appears in-game is after you answer the phone in your apartment and speak to Brad. Nemesis busts in and Jill has to escape from her apartment building. This section is a kind of hybrid QTE/escape sequence and once you’re out, Nemesis is gone for a while.

He reappears as you try to make your way to the chopper and you make short work of him with a nearby car.

The third time he appears is after you’ve powered the Substation on and completed the section with the Drain Deimos.

As you exit the Substation and head back to the street, Nemesis will smash through a brick wall just before you turn to the right to go back to the Mechanic. In this section, he will keep chasing you until you reach the mechanic building.

Right after this section, once you go back onto the streets of Downtown and exit the alley that was on fire, Nemesis will appear again. He will jump down into the middle of the street in front of you and punch zombies out of the way to get to you.

If you didn’t already shoot the red barrel right next to the car on the right-hand side, you can use it to stagger him.

Once you go into the Subway Office and set the route for the train, Nemesis will appear again, after you exit Moon Donuts. This is another section where he won’t stop chasing you, so make your way back to the Subway as quickly as possible.

You might want to stagger Nemesis a couple of times, to make sure you get the Handgun upgrades.

Once you’re in the Subway again and meet up with Carlos, Nemesis appears and Jill decides to create a diversion. In this section, Nemesis chases you down a narrow, winding corridor and you need to escape by removing a vent and climbing in.

You’ll need to stagger Nemesis to get enough time to pull the vent off the wall. You’ll then find yourself in the Sewers and can have a breather from the Nemesis for a while.

Once you reach the end of the Sewers and are climbing the ladder, Nemesis appears at the top, grabs you and throws you onto the ground. When you regain control, you need to run into a building to escape. There’s a Safe Room here but once you go up the broken escalator and head to the stairs across the room, Nemesis appears again.

This time he’s wielding a Flamethrower.

As you climb the stairs to escape and Nemesis is pursuing you and burning everything down, you eventually reach the top and have your first proper Boss Fight. Once it’s over, you’ll be back on street level and you visit Kendo’s Gun Store and make your way through a house with two levels.

Once you go through the house, Nemesis is back again and this time he has a Rocket Launcher. He’ll chase you through the streets and you’ll end up back outside the Substation. When Nemesis is on top of a car and firing rockets at you, keep moving forward and you’ll escape.

After this, climb the stairs and drop back down onto the roof and make your way to the courtyard outside Moon Donuts. As you climb the stone steps towards Toy Uncle, Nemesis shoots the Toy Uncle head and it comes crashing towards you.

If you manage to survive (which you’ll need to in order to continue), Nemesis drops down behind you and starts chasing you again. In this section, he gives chase as well as firing rockets at you. Just keep running until you find Carlos and can escape.

Once you do, that’s the end of the random appearances by Nemesis. From then on, he only appears in Boss Fights or cutscenes.

The next Boss Fight Nemesis appears in is after Jill has escaped from the derailed train. You’ll collect your first Mine Rounds here and make your way through the Subway workers dilapidated area. Once you go above ground, you’ll hear Nemesis roar.

Make sure you grab plenty of ammo from the Safe Room and Item Box in the underground section. Nemesis appears as you cross the Bridge and then you fight in the Clocktower Courtyard.

You’ll need to deal a bunch of damage to Nemesis and eventually, he’ll start running in circles around the outside of the courtyard. Just shoot a Mine Round in his path and you’ll knock him down, giving you the chance to do some damage.

Once you beat him, you won’t see him again until you reach Nest.

As you enter NEST, Nemesis appears in a cutscene.

After that, you won’t see him again until you make the vaccine. After another cutscene, you make your way through a vent, only to be grabbed by a Nemesis tentacle. Simply hold up on the Left Stick and you’ll escape.

Make sure you stock up at the next Safe Room because a big fight is coming. You’ll make your way down into a large open area and Nemesis appears. Like in the Clocktower Courtyard, deal enough damage to him to trigger a cutscene with Carlos.

After this, Nemesis runs around the exterior of the arena and hides behind or on top of the tanks that circle the outside. You need to shoot the red button(s) on the front of the tanks to shock him and give you a chance to shoot his weird little parasite.

Make sure you watch out for the random wandering zombies in this section too. When you have dealt enough damage. He goes down, but he’ll be back for one more fight.

The last time Nemesis appears is the final Boss Battle of the game. He’s now enormous and fills an entire room. When you get control of Jill, do a 180 and activate the box in the centre of the room. A Rail Gun pops out, so grab it and shoot Nemesis.

After it fires, you need to fix the massive fuses that power it, by pushing them back into place. There are three fuses knocked out of alignment and you can only push them when Nemesis is staggered or he’ll grab you and murder you.

Shoot the pulsating pustules and he will collapse for a few seconds, giving you enough time to push one or two fuses in. On higher difficulties, you can only do one at a time. When the Rail Gun is powered up, shoot him again and it’s good night Nemesis.

Resident Evil 3 is available now.

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