Resident Evil 3 Guide – How to Get the Grenade Launcher

Just like the Shotgun, the Grenade Launcher is a weapon that’s been in Resident Evil since the very beginning. In Resident Evil 3, you can get your hands on this weapon fairly early on and it comes in very handy when you’re fighting Nemesis and the Hunter γ B.O.W.s. Both Nemesis and the Hunters are vulnerable to fire and Flame Rounds really do the trick.

After you escape from Nemesis in the train station, after splitting up from Carlos when you’re attacked, you’ll find yourself in the Sewers.

When you reach the locked door that requires a Battery Pack, you need to head down the ramp and into the Sewers themselves.

Resident Evil 3 Grenade Launcher

Once you’re down in the muck, go straight ahead and don’t worry about going to the right for now. If you go to the right, you’ll get to the Lab and find the Battery Pack and a Charlie Doll. However, there are some Hunters on the way and the Grenade Launcher is going to come in handy.

As you make your way down the tunnel, a Hunter is going to climb out of the wall. Move back. These Hunters can insta-kill you with their grab move, so you need to keep your distance.

Once the Hunter is dead, keep going until you get to a ladder. Climb up it and go inside the Office. You’ll find the Grenade Launcher inside, along with some explosive element used to craft grenades.

It comes loaded with two Flame Rounds, which should kill the Hunters in one shot. If not, hit them once with a Flame Round and then use your handgun or shotgun.

Resident Evil 3 is available now.

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