Resident Evil 3 Guide – How to Get All Weapon Upgrades

As you play through Resident Evil 3 you’ll find upgrades for your Handgun, Shotgun, Assault Rifle and Magnum. Finding all the upgrades is pretty simple, though a couple of them are hidden away and could be missed. That’s why we’ve put together this handy guide to help you collect them all.

All up there are Resident Evil 3 Weapon Upgrades which will turn your weapons into absolute beasts. We’ll go through these, weapon by weapon, so make sure you check that you don’t miss any.

The first upgrades you can get belong to the Handgun.

Resident Evil 3 Weapon Upgrades


The very first upgrade you can get for the Handgun is the Dot Sight. It’s inside a safe in a room upstairs, near Moon Donuts in Downtown. To get there, go down the stone steps that lead to Moon Donuts and then turn right. Go up the stairs then turn left and follow this path until you go through a door.

Inside is the safe and a note. The note contains a cryptic message about the combination. It’s Left 9, Right 3, Left 7.

The next two weapon upgrades for the handgun come from dealing damage to Nemesis.

Whenever Nemesis appears, if you do enough damage to him, by shooting his chest or head, he can be staggered and will drop a Supply Crate. The first time you stagger him and get a Supply Crate it will contain the Extended Magazine.

The next time you get a Supply Crate from him it will contain the Moderator. It seems that Nemesis won’t drop a Supply Crate everytime you stagger him, so you’ll need to do it a few times.

It’s also not clear if you need to get these Supply Crates before you leave Downtown. However, you’ll want to do that anyway as after he has his Rocket Launcher and you escape, there are no more opportunities to stagger him.


The first Shotgun Weapon Upgrade you can find is located inside the strange clock contraption in the Subway Safe Room. To get it, you’ll need the Red Jewell from a Fancy Box.

Simply slot it in the clock and the Tactical Stock is yours.

The next upgrade is the Semi-Auto Barrel and it’s hard to miss.

Once you get inside Kendo’s Gun Store, look on the shelves to the left of the store and you’ll see it sitting there.

The final Shotgun Upgrade is the Shell Holder which you can find inside the Warehouse. Once you get past the first Pale Head zombie, the two dogs and then the standard zombie and shimmy through the gap between the shelves, you’ll be able to lower a platform.

Once it’s been lowered go onto the platform then off the other side and you’ll see a metal box.

Open it up and you’ll get the third and final Upgrade for the Shotgun.

Assault Rifle

The first Weapon Upgrade for the Assault Rifle is located inside RCPD. In the West Office is one of STARS’ special locked cases that you can unlock with Brad’s keycard. Make sure you pick up the Keycard from Brad’s body when you kill him outside the station.

Use the card on this case and you’ll get the Scope. The next two upgrades for the Assault Rifle are located in the Hospital.

One of these upgrades is the Dual-Magazine and it can be found inside the safe in the Nurse’s Station. The combination for the safe is found in the Operating Theatre on the Ground Floor. It’s Left 9, Right 1.

Finally, the third Assault Rifle Upgrade is located in the Courtyard. When you jump down into the area below as Carlos make sure you jump through the window opposite the Nurse’s Station.

Once you’re in the Courtyard, go to the right and look inside a pot.You’ll find a Tactical Grip.


There’s only one Upgrade for the Magnum and it’s the Extended Barrel. It’s found inside the Surveillance Room after you collect the three fuses and use the elevator to chase Nikolai.

Once you’re upstairs, go past the desk in the middle on the right-hand side and you’ll see a metal case. Open it up and collect the Upgrade.

That’s all Resident Evil 3 Weapon Upgrades for you so you don’t miss them.

Resident Evil 3 is available now.

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