Resident Evil 3 Guide – How to Get all of Jill’s Hip Pouch Upgrades

When you first start Resident Evil 3, Jill can only carry eight items. It’s a tiny number when you consider you’ll be holding a handgun, bullets, a knife, herbs and plenty more. Almost right away you start to run out of space. However, there are a number of Hip Pouches hidden throughout the campaign for you to find both for Jill and Carlos. With this guide, we’ll help you find all of Jill’s Resident Evil 3 Hip Pouch Upgrades.

Some of them require some effort to find, while others will be pretty hard to miss. Nonetheless, we wanted to make sure you didn’t miss them by accident and then struggle as you played through the campaign.

Space is always at a premium in Resident Evil games and Resident Evil 3 is no exception.

Resident Evil 3 Hip Pouch

The first Hip Pouch you can get is located in the very first Safe Room in the game. In the top left corner of the room is a weird clock/sundial thing. If you interact with it, Jill comments on it but you can’t really do anything at first.

Once you get out onto the stress through, that’s a different story. In the first Downtown section, there are three Fancy Boxes. Once is located in the Moon Donuts Safe Room, one in Toy Uncle and one in the Liquor Store.

To get the Toy Uncle box, you’ll need the Lockpick and for the Liquor Store, you’ll need the Bolt Cutters. However, these aren’t the ones you want. Instead, you’ll want to collect the Fancy Box inside Moon Donuts. When you have it in your inventory, Examine it and you’ll find a Blue Jewell inside.

Head back to the clock contraption and insert the Blue Jewell. That will give you the first Hip Pouch.

You can’t really miss the next Hip Pouch as it’s sitting out in the open. When you enter the office at the Power Substation, there’s a ladder right in front of you.

Sitting on top of the ladder is a Hip Pouch.


The next Resident Evil 3Hip Pouch is located in the sewer and is miserable. You’ll see it on your way in, through a window but you won’t be able to grab it until right before you leave and head back to the streets.

Once you collect the Battery Pack from the Lab and head through the first locked door you’ll need to unlock the barred door and take the Battery Pack out of the first door.

From here, you can head out of the Sewers through the locked door you encountered before you went down the slimy ramp. Instead, go to the left of the room you came into by using the Battery Pack and you’ll find another locked door.

Use the Battery pack here and you’ll find the third Resident Evil 3 Hip Pouch.

The next Hip Pouch is another almost unmissable one. After you make your way down the elevator after the Hospital, you’ll be in a Safe Room just before the Warehouse.

Just to the left of the Typewriter is the third Hip Pouch.

And that’s all of them.

Resident Evil 3 is available now.

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