Comanche Preview (PC) – Get to the Chopper!

Comanche is a great modern take on the old flight simulators of the early ’90s and a great homage to the original game of the same name. It was the first real flight simulator I enjoyed. Set in a near future you pilot a Comanche Helicopter; a prototype attack helicopter kitted out with the newest gadgets and drones.

As a helicopter flight sim, you can expect the controls to feel a lot different to a plane simulator. This comes across as a brilliant difference and also the only problem. The control is spot on with the pitch, roll and yaw of a helicopter, however, if you don’t understand the dynamics of helicopter movement it comes across as almost awkward or clumsy.

You will overshoot targets when you move and you will get disorientated, at least in the early days of playing. Don’t give up though, once you get it, it is a bloody good sim.


The single-player campaign is still being developed and built upon and the mission you play in the early access is well presented as you take to the skies to support a navel rescue mission. The mission updates you get in-game communicate changes that may or may not occur.

Although this was short-lived fun (due to only being early access) I can only assume that the completed campaign will be every part as good as the rest.

At the moment, multiplayer is where you get the most out of Comanche.

Multiplayer is fun, a damn lot of fun.

There is five different Comanche variants each with different abilities and gadgets. There is a helicopter that can heal and we will call him the Healicopter!

Imagine a hero shooter like Overwatch or Paladins but in helicopters with missions. At the moment there are two 4v4 multiplayer modes. Black box is like kill confirmed. You need to collect your defeated enemies’ black boxes and pick up your teammates’ in order to deny the enemy team.

Infiltration is more like an assault mission where you use your drones to take and hold objectives with the sides swapping at the conclusion of the match.

Playing games in multiplayer rewards you with blueprints which you use to buy new Comanche variants or different drones to use. You also unlock and earn credits which you can spend on skins.

I’m really looking forward to seeing the direction they take this. The possibilities are endless.

Comanche is in early access on PC.

A digital copy was provided to PowerUp! by the publisher.

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