Warframe Podcast Episode 87 – Devstream 140

Coronavirus isn’t slowing down the Devstreams, that’s for sure! This week saw a whole bunch of in-game assets shown off – some of which we are very much looking forward to. Not the least of which was a live demo of the upcoming Operation: Scarlett Spear. Listen on to hear our thoughts about this soon-to-be-released event.

Sadly, though, TennoCon will only be digital this year, and the team will be working from home, so the virus is affecting the team somewhat. Give them a cheer on your favourite social network to spur them along!


  • News: Shamrock colour picker is back, Esteem Pack 4 out on Nintendo Switch, Warframe Revised coming to consoles this week, and Pablo shares some details on interesting new augment mods…
  • Discussion: Devstream 140
  • Beginner topic: Preparing for the Exploiter Orb as a beginner
  • Advanced topic: Riven mods overview

Warframe Podcast

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