Here are all of the new Minions and Heroes in Hearthstone Battlegrounds

With today’s announcement of Dragons entering Hearthstone Battlegrounds, we’ve compiled all the new Heroes and Minions into one handy location. Patch 16.4 adds seven new Heroes and 18 new minions, of which all but two are brand-new and exclusive to Battlegrounds. In addition, the seven Heroes include Galakrond, Reno Jackson and the five Dragon Aspects.

The addition of the seven new Heroes as seen one hero — Professor Putricide — removed for retooling. However, the new Hero Powers are going to make big changes, especially when combined with the new Minions.

We’ll start with the seven new Heroes first and then take a look at the minions.

Hearthstone Battlegrounds

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  • Galakrond
    • Galakrond’s Greed [Cost 1]: Replace a minion in Bob’s Tavern with a random one from a higher Tavern Tier.
  • Deathwing
    • ALL Will Burn! [Passive]: ALL minions have +3 Attack.
  • Ysera
    • Dream Portal [Cost 1]: Refresh and add a Dragon to Bob’s Tavern.
  • Nozdormu
    • Clairvoyance [Passive]: Your first Refresh each turn costs (0).
  • Malygos
    • Arcane Alteration [Cost 0]: Replace a minion with a random one of the same Tavern Tier.
  • Alexstrasza
    • Queen of Dragons [Passive]: After you upgrade Bob’s Tavern to Tavern Tier 5, Discover two Dragons.
  • Reno Jackson
    • Gonna Be Rich! [Cost 4]: Make a friendly minion Golden (once per game).

As you can see, each of the new Hero Powers has the potential to be very powerful. Reno’s, despite being only usable once per game, could totally shift the tide of battle in his favour if used wisely. Galakrond’s Hero Power is also incredibly powerful, though RNG plays a big factor.

As for the new Minions, remember that all but two of these are entirely new to Hearthstone. Those new minions are exclusive to battlegrounds.

  • Dragonspawn Lieutenant [Dragon, Tier 1] 2 Attack, 3 Health:
    • Taunt.
  • Red Whelp [Dragon, Tier 1] 1 Attack, 2 Health:
    • Start of Combat: Deal 1 damage per friendly Dragon to one random enemy minion.
  • Glyph Guardian [Dragon, Tier 2] 2 Attack, 4 Health:
    • When this minion attacks, double its attack.
  • Steward of Time [Dragon, Tier 2] 2 Attack, 4 Health:
    • When you sell this minion, give all minions in Bob’s Tavern +1/+1.
  • Waxrider Togwaggle [Tier 2] 1 Attack, 2 Health:
    • Whenever a friendly Dragon kills an enemy, gain +2/+2.
  • Unstable Ghoul [Tier 2] 1 Attack, 3 Health:
    • Taunt, Deathrattle: Deal 1 damage to all minions.
  • Bronze Warden [Dragon, Tier 3] 2 Attack, 1 Health:
    • Divine Shield, Reborn.
  • Hangry Dragon [Dragon, Tier 3] 4 Attack, 4 Health:
    • At the start of your turn, if you won the last combat get +2/+2.
  • Drakonid Enforcer [Dragon, Tier 4] 3 Attack, 6 Health:
    • After a friendly minion loses Divine Shield, gain +2/+2.
  • Herald of Flame [Dragon, Tier 4] 5 Attack, 4 Health:
    • Overkill: Deal 3 damage to the left-most enemy minion.
  • Cobalt Scalebane [Dragon, Tier 4] 5 Attack, 5 Health:
    • At the end of your turn, give another random friendly minion +3 Attack.
  • Murozond [Dragon, Tier 5] 5 Attack, 5 Health:
    • Battlecry: Add a minion to your hand from your last opponent’s warband.
  • Twilight Emissary [Dragon, Tier 5] 6 Attack, 8 Health:
    • Taunt, Battlecry: Give a friendly Dragon +3/+3.
  • Razorgore, the Untamed [Dragon, Tier 5] 2 Attack, 4 Health:
    • At the end of your turn, gain +1/+1 for each Dragon you have.
  • Holy Mackerel [Murloc, Tier 6] 8 Attack, 4 Health:
    • After another friendly minion loses Divine Shield, gain Divine Shield.
  • Imp Mama [Demon, Tier 6] 6 Attack, 8 Health:
    • Whenever this minion takes damage, summon a random Demon and give it Taunt.
  • Kalecgos, Arcane Aspect [Dragon, Tier 6] 2 Attack, 8 Health:
    • After you play a minion with Battlecry, give your Dragons +1/+1.
  • Nadina the Red [Tier 6] 7 Attack, 4 Health:
    • Deathrattle: Give your Dragons Divine Shield.

Update 16.4 is now live. Hearthstone is free-to-play on PC and Mobile.

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