What is the Best Prebuilt Gaming PC Brand?

2020 has been a cradle for new announcements from various gaming titles. Just yesterday a new season of Fornite Chapter 2 was confirmed with tweaks and changes. Every time a new AAA title has announced the requirements for gaming CPUs and laptops become more demanding. The best-prebuilt gaming PC is always the one that offers upgradability over portability. Anything that can last for a couple of years or more is preferable than others. Though many opt for building their own rig, it is not a cup of tea of everyone else.

There are some brands like SkyTech and Cyberpower which offer amazing products at reasonable prices. So the likes of Asus and Dell are much expensive in comparison and often not worth the investment. However, in some cases, they have similarly priced products. For example, Dell’s Ryzen 7 builds and SkyTech’s Ryzen 5 costs around $850. Finding a trusted gaming PC maker is important and reviews help to a lot extent in these matters.

Why Brands Matter when Prebuilt Gaming PCs Come?

SkyTech Archangel GTX 1050 Ti is a gaming computer desktop computer. It comes with a base 3.5 GHz clock speed on the CPU which is a 6-Core beast right from the factory. Then, you have a modest 1050 Ti with 4GB of graphics memory. This is a desktop-grade GPU, so is more powerful than its laptop variant. At this price point, it serves easily as an entry-level gaming rig for beginners and you don’t have to spend a lot of money on brand value or premium aesthetics.

There are other brands that are offering some of the best prebuilt gaming PCs in 2020 like Corsair, Dell, Zotac, MSI, and even HP’s Omen. With brand value comes to trust and recognition that their products will definitely work. For example, if an Asus product costs around $100 more than a new customized gaming PC brand with mixed reviews, it is better to put your money on Asus.

  • Reviews play a key role and often finding the real from fake is difficult. So, as a thumb rule, the more the merrier applies. MSI is also an OEM with its own motherboard and configurations and delivers above-average products consistently.
  • There are several PC makers who can make even better configs than Asus or Dell with much less budget, but there is a chance that you have to take.
  • Newcomers like SkyTech gaming reviews are available on online retailers like Amazon along with their products where users can choose whether to spend your money or not.
  • Deciding solely based on online reviews of the particular product you’re interested in is more useful than just going by a brand name itself.

Be Ready for Damages and Returning a Defect

Some of the best prebuilt gaming PCs of 2020 can be from lesser-known brands. As more and more competition is heating up, even new brands are producing better products. There is no black magic in making a gaming PC, but thorough research and knowhow. Sometimes, even experienced PC builders can run into issues getting their self-assembled gaming PC to boot up. The reasons can be as simple as bent CPU pins, defective fans, cards, and it is a painstaking effort to buy new components and put them back together.

If you can have the kind of money to experiment, then risking a customized rig from a new brand can be really worthwhile. Asus ROG Strix GL12 is a thoroughly tested and reviewed product by the company and reviewers, so one who doesn’t have funds to experiment can opt for a higher-priced product like this. The top 10 brands in, many reviewers list in 2020, have one product from each.

  • As of various reviewers, Asus, CyberPower, Corsair, Alienware, Dell, MSI, and Lenovo made it to the top 10 with their own products.
  • Since Dell has two of its products, we can term them as one of the best prebuilt gaming PC brands in 2020.
  • But, Asus with its ROG has been consistently outperforming other players in the market in terms of both values for money and reliability for years, and in 2020 it has the lead as per several reviewers.
  • SkyTech and CyberPower have been doing really well with good sales and competitive pricing on Amazon alone.

Factors Leading to Deciding the Best

It is often difficult to assess the best brand in an absolute sense because things vary when it comes to different geographical regions. Customer support and market value is an important thing too. If your product is faulty, it must be covered under warranty and must be repaired as soon as possible. Some brands might have an edge in certain regions compared to others, and this is also useful when deciding a brand. But, solely from offering products and good prices, good performance, thermals, upgradability, screen, choices for customizations right from the factory, there are trade-offs.

  • One brand might have a more portable PC than the other.
  • One brand might have a better looking, neatly designed chassis than the other.
  • The base config from one brand might be a better value for money than the other.
  • One brand might have higher upgradability and service than the other.

It boils down to the user’s specific preferences and the right one for you might not be the same for someone else.

The Best Prebuilt Gaming PC Brand

As of February 2020, Corsair One i45 and Asus ROG Strix GL12 have been the most loved in brand value and value for money propositions in the prebuilt gaming PC brand in the market. The ROG comes with i7-9700K, RTX 2080 8GB DDR6 and 16GB DDR4. The storage is 256GB NVMe + 2TB HDD. The Corsair offers similarly with 32GB RAM and 1TB of NVMe + 2TB of HDD. The whole package weighs less than 16 pounds while ROG weighs 24. However, both are priced the same, $2800.

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