Color Galaxy is now available on Snap Games in Australia

Gismart and Snap Games have announced that the former’s latest game — Color Galaxy — is now available. Playable on Snap Games via Snapchat, Color Galaxy is “a travel adventure of intergalactic proportions.: Players will see their Bitmoji in-game as they compete for territory and drive vehicles that leave a trail of colour behind.

Color Galaxy is reminiscent of Splatoon, but instead of paint, you leave it in a trail behind you. As you drive across the map, you need to enlarge the area painted in your colour/pattern.

To do this, you need to fill in your area by driving over an already painted section. However, if you run over your own trail, you’ll be eliminated. You can also eliminate other players by running over their trails.

Color Galaxy

The aim of the game is to own the most space on the map and the longer the game goes, the more frantic the action gets. If you stray too far from the safety of your own colour, watch out for other players looking to drive over your trail.

Lana Meisak, VP of Business Development and Marketing at Gismart said;

We’re thrilled to join the Snap Games platform and introduce players to the whimsical, customizable worlds of Color Galaxy. Tapping into Snap’s social features like Bitmoji avatars, Snippets, and augmented reality Lenses make it even easier for Snapchatters to connect with their friends and share fun moments from the game. A gaming experience like this can only come to life on Snapchat, and we can’t wait to see the response from Snapchatters worldwide.

Color Galaxy is integrated with Snapchat and uses Bitmojis, Snippets and Lenses. It’s a great game to play while you’re waiting and is fast, simple and casual.

Color Galaxy is available now on Snap Games.

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